Treaty of Drenesk

The Following treaty defines the peace between the Holy Danikan Commonwealth and the Republic of the Ender. Signed on December 14th 2015. This treaty will go into affect 30 minutes after its ratification by both parties. The terms of the treaty are thus;

  1. The Commonwealth shall take over administration of the territory known as Castile in accordance with its citizens building rights.
  2. The Commonwealth and Republic of the Ender shall jointly administer to the trust territory of Beardeaux in anticipation of the reformation of kreigstein.
  3. The commonwealth will recognize the Enderian Trusts of all territories not listed previously.
  4. Title 4 of the Wynterlynian clause of the Second Treaty of Somerset shall be revoked.
  5. The Commonwealth will establish a demarcation line by joint concencus with the republic of the Ender a a promise not to encroach on First second or third Spawns.
  6. The Nations of Breshik and the republic of the Ender promise to settle building disagreements in the north of Breshik via personal agreement between Shakomatic and Hinoarashi.

The terms of this agreement shall be executed with full faith trust by both parties.

Signatures below this line

Hinoarashi - President of the Republic of Ender

shakomatic III Kaiser of Breshik

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