Breshikan-Enderian Friendship Pact

Due to the rocky relations of late the Breshikans and Enderians wish to once more, establish friendly ties as they have had in the past. Both nations vow not to infringe upon the others belongings, territory or citizens as well as settle all disputes diplomatically. The Breshikans and Enderians invite each other to establish trading posts and other institutions within each others land in the name of peace and prosperity. Both nations will provide aid in times of Natural disaster and economic depression. May this pact last till the end of time and bring eternal peace to our fair nations.

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Hinoarashi - Speaker of Ender Congress, Governor and Representative of Port Mouth

As of January 6th 2014 this treaty comes into affect once more between the Kingdom of Wynterlyn, whom the Breshikans are vassal to, and the Republic of Ender. ( Terms carried from prior Danikian agreement )

  1. Both Enderian and Winterlyn citizens shall be warranted protection while traveling through both states. Merchants shall not be attacked by either party's armed forces.
  2. Ships and vessels flying the member states' flag shall be allowed passage through the others' waterways and borders.
  3. Both Winterlyn and Ender shall recognize the private property of each other's member nations.
  4. The citizens of each member state will be permitted the right to dual citizenship if they so choose.
  5. If at all possible, member states agree to solve diplomatic disputes through the appropriate court systems while reserving an armed response as a last resort.

I, King Nils I of Winterlyn, Overseer of the Winterlynian Counsil, The Mountain King, agree to the terms of this treaty (King Niller1703 of Winterlyn)

Hinoarashi - Speaker of Enderian Congress

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