Commonwealth of Madeuwe
Part of the Rhodesian Confederation
Location 1500 X, -7670 Z
Local Languages Dutch
Government Commonwealth
Creator P_P_A
Cheftain Ghoul
Establishment mid-2013
Population 0

Madeuwe is an agricultural island in the east of the Florina Sea. It was founded as a colony of Niew Walschor by P_P_A to supply the surrounding islands with food, and eventually grew into a humble Cape Dutch farming community. During the Battle of Madeuwe, it was conquered by forces of the Rhodesian Confederation and ceded to Ghoul, under whose neglect it deteriorated and died out.


The nearby Noord Wortland islands, the Finngolian Exile Island, and the befriended islands of Kijima experienced regular shortages of food due to the lack of arable soil in the Sea of Florina. Some time in mid–2013, P_P_A thus laid claim to a large island covered by plains, to turn into a large farm to supply the region from.

Archive image of Madeuwe's Yevs.

The first buildings erected were a windmill and a Low German, half-timbered farmhouse, but the latter was soon replaced with a Cape Dutch mansion made of birch wood planks. A second house in the same style was built at the shore when Koentinius led a small group of Yevs to the island, who demanded accomodations. After the construction of a large, semi-automatic farm, development stagnated.


A few months later, P_P_A returned his attention to Madeuwe, at that point largely untouched and sparsely settled. He built a few small houses at the western side of the island along with a simple church, demolished part of the automatic farms for aesthetic purposes, and filled the eastern half of the island with fields and pastures for cows, sheep, and the first domesticated horses, which were brought in from kilometres away. Polish miner Schor moved in and started digging beneath the island, while the agricultural output increased exponentially, and the island was slowly becoming cosy.

Battle of Madeuwe

This peace was not to last long, however. Madeuwe was chosen as the first and only site of battle during the War of Walschor Independence, since its flat plains promised ease of movement for the newly formed New Walschorer cavalry units. Two blockhouses (which went unmanned) were hastily erected, and a base was dug into the island's eastern mountain. During the battle, fighters from North Ender launched their secret weapon of mass destruction Taepodong, which scrambled the allied New Walschorer's formation, and laid waste to the island. The disastrous outcome of the battle was that all of the island's horses had been killed, the Yevs of Madeuwe were decimated by Taepodong, and the island was annexed by the Rhodesian Confederation and given to Ghoul.

Madeuwe after the battle.

Rhodesian rule

After repairing the damage, the disgruntled Walschorer settlers departed from the island, but not before harvesting their fields and leaving them behind barren and empty. The fate of the few surviving Yevs is unknown; they might have fled their destroyed homes and dispersed, or were massacred by ransacking soldiers. salah re-purposed the semi-automatic farm into a lava waterfall, and Ghoul started building an ugly residence in the north-east of the island, which was however never finished. Thus, Madeuwe was abandoned, a shadow of its former self, and overshadowed by the newly erected lava-spewing cobble walls of Jazeer al Kafr.

Madeuwe is divided into a flat eastern half and a more rugged western one by a thin range of elevations, which at its south-eastern end rise up as a modestly-sized mountain.

Madeuwe's economy was based on agricultural export and lively trade with koentinius's Yevs, but since its conquest by the Rhodesian Confederation, it has been abandoned.



The architecture on the island is marked by windmills and Cape Dutch houses, though the small scale of most buildings, and the employ of wooden planks as the primary building material, leave an underdeveloped and poor impression.

Madeuwe during its golden age.
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