Ghoul is such a jew that he would rather eat spiders than pay for food
Ghoul's latest photo, infa 1488% (lol no)
Ghoul looking for wool

Ghoul started playing on 21st of June, he left server after less than a week. Due to having much time to kill , Ghoul decided try again on the server with an idea on his mind, a trade settlement on desert. But soon after started playing(27th of September) he found out his dream couldn't be achieved, all of the known deserts were already occupied or owned. So instead, he scaled down things and built a trade center to live as a merchant. After his travel, Ghoul settled on grassland near Sci-Fi City. His presence been noticed quickly.

For progress of his trade center he started with building a port to travel with cozy boats. Then he decided to build a canal from his trade center to Alphatown, this made him go full autism to remove everything he faced on his way. With the materials he got from this job he made his first trade with BremenBernd(BlakkCooper), 80 Stacks of Cobblestone and Dirt for a Stack of Iron Ingots. He also got 4 stacks of Melon Slices as a gift(?).

After days of being a merchant, Ghoul became much more experienced on trade, he knew being a merchant was the good thing to do. But, the server had problems on pricing issue for wares and this was the reason of forming Merchants Guild. Then he looked for members for his newly founded guild desperately, he met with Flakese which is currently the other leader of the guild while he was punching tree. Since that day their numbers increased or decreased as time passed.

Eventually Ghoul earned the title of Jew for charging extortionist prices when trading. Currently he's selling valuable items such as Slimes, Wool and Glowstones. He's the holder of unofficial server artifact Ghoul's Pumpkin for months.

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