Peaceful Island Empire of Kijima

Peaceful Island Empire of Kijima 木島の平和な島帝国 Kijima no heiwana tōteikoku
Local Languages English
Demonyn Kijimian
Government Peaceful Empire
Leader Mystia Lorelei
Establishment 12-26-2012
Population 5
Abbreviation K.J.M.A
National Anthem
Motto In Silence We Thrive.

Kijima is an insular settlement in the south of the Sabishi Archipelago, dominated by its main island from which it derives its name. It is considered the true successor of the Tri-Isles, although it is apolitical (for the time being).


Millions of years in the past an ancient submarine volcano errupted and slowly started to build up new land in the western Sea of Florina. Thousands of years after that, with constant erruptions, the island of Kijima and the entire Sabishi Archipelago rose from the bottom of the sea. The result was a beautifull set of islands, their insides full of empty lava tubes, and great mineral wealth. Not long after the land cooled plants and animals started arriving to the island, and a lush tropical rain forest grew out of the fertile volcanic soil. So was the state of the island, untouched for millions of years, until a lost explorer shipwrecked herself on it's white shores.

Age of Discovery / Founding

In December of 2012 MystiaLorelei had returned from her long exile, wanting to join the server once again and help the small Japanese settlement of Florina. Though once she reached Florina she found it half empty with just one man called Walrus building around. Dissapointed of the small settlement she searched for a small island to make her new home. It was then that she discovered a small archipelago with a cozy jungle isle. Delighted with the discovery, she quickly claimed it for herself, crashing her boat on a beach cristened Shipbreak Point. Once on the island she discovered it was thickly forested with an inpenetrable jungle, and thus she named the island “Kijima”, Japanese for “Tree Island”. In the days that followed a lighthouse was quickly built to alert any would-be explorers to keep clear of the Isle's dangerous coast. The settlement of Kijima was born.

Age of Consolidation

A few weeks after the construction of the lighthouse, around the middle of January of 2013, MystiaLorelei had returned from building in the city of Voelhaven to dedicate herself fully to Kijima. Her first task was to start building a great Torii Gate, a symbol of the island's native faith, Shintoism. When this task was finished, and the island properly consecrated into the Shinto Faith, she turned her attentions into building her Emperial Palace in the north shore of the island. Due to help from the mod Enton, and the discovery of an ancient long lost GAM treasure in a far away land, the Palace was built in just one night, a true miracle. With the Palace built and the island consacrated, the Empire of Kijima was properly ingrained into the island.

The settlement of Kijima lies the main island of the Sabishi Archipelago. The archipelago consists of 14 islands of which Kijima is the largest. To the north of Kijima lies the Nieuw Walschor colony of Noord Wortland, to the west east and south lies the Sea of Florina, meanwhile southwest of Kijima lies the cozy Slavic-Japanese settlement of Izmorosjov. Further to the east there are a few desert islands and far in the Eastern Sea of Florina lies the settlement of Hoppuka Town.

Home Archipelago

The main Kijimian territory is constituted of Island of Kijima, in the Sabishi Archipelago.

Overseas Territories

The Peacefull Island Empire of Kijima has four overseas territories:

  • Kräheninsel
  • Geist-Insel
  • Sunashima
  • Yukishima

Breakship Point Lighthouse

The first structure built on the Sabishi Archipelago, and on the settlement of Kijima. The towering lighthouse is currently the tallest man-made structure in the entire Sabishi Archipelago. It was built just days after the claiming of the island of Kijima by MystiaLorelei, as a warning to any explorers to stirr clear of the dangerous island and its submerged rocks. The lighthouse was built on a dangerous sand bank that claimed the ship MystiaLorelei was traveling on when she discovered the island, thus called, Breakship Point.

The Great Torii

The Great Torii gate was the second building built on the island, it stands proud and tall on the eastern shore. The morning rays of the sun pass through it every day, making for an amazing sight. It is a powerfull symbol of the Shinto Faith, the main religion of the Empire of Kijima.


The Palace consists of various towers, and a large keep, built on top of stone platforms which give them a high vantage point over the sea. The name of the imposing castle is “Dōkutsu-jō” which means “Cave Castle” in Japanese. The name comes from the fact that the castle was built on top of many natural cave entrances.

Kijima Port Lighthouse

A small lighthouse built on a dangerous sand bank located to the side of the port of Kijima. Cute and cozy~

The Scarlet Rose Memorial Pagoda

A stone pagoda that houses the mortal remains of a dead irl friend of the Empress.

ChaosBoundary's Floating Island

A small floating island build by Kijima's first official citizen, ChaosBoundary.

Kijima Capitol Building

Rising high above the jungle canopy, Kijima's newly built capitol building is truly an impressive sight. Those that remember the ancient G.A.M. in the 1.8 map will recognize it as an exact replica of the Tri-Isles' own capitol building.

Pagoda of Chilly Cirno's Golden Apple

Currently the highest structure in Kijima, the small Pagoda houses a special and holy relic. A Golden Apple given to Chilly Cirno, a long gone player from the Second Tri-Isles, by the server admin and God, Te3.

Japan, Carribean Island.

A mix of Shinto, Buddhism, and Christianity.

Kijima is a peaceful tropical island, far away from the troubles and conflicts of the rest of Oceania. As such, the ruling goverment under Empress MystiaLorelei has expressed the desire to be completely neutral and refrain from getting tangled in Oceania's political and autistic problems. Since the foundation of the settlement not much has happened to the tiny island, being so far away it gets little visitors. Recently though the island has been visited by P_P_A, the ruler of N.W. and of Enton, a friendly mod.

Kijima is home to a deep mining operation that has proven to be quite rich in materials such as iron, coal, lapis lazuli, and diamond. Due to the large ammount of material mined from deep bellow the ocean, Kijima's main export has becomed high quality cobblestone. Kijima's number 1 importer of cobblestone at the moment is the capital city of Nieuw Walschor, Voelhaven. Recently though, a new search of the sea floor surrounding the archipelago has revealed that it is extremely rich in clay. This fact was quickly exploited and clay bricks have surpased cobble as the Empire's primary export.

MystiaLorelei is the founder and ruler of the tiny island settlement. She is Empress of her small domain, where she overseas everything that happens.

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