Jazeer al Kafr

ł۩Jazeer al Kafr۩ł 용암의 번영 토지
Colony of North Ender
Location 2011 X, -7672 Z

Jazeer al Kafr (bounded in white) in the Sea of Florina.
Local Languages English
Guttural Semitic
Demonyn Kafir
Government colonial administration
Shiekh Salah
Establishment 25 May 2013
Population 3 + 100 mobs

This island, like all of Oceania, is claimed by North Ender

Jazeer al Kafr is literally the island of infidels / heretics. Salah was inspired by venomthrope after the aforementioned called him a heretic.

The island initially founded by Hopukka. Hopukka built rudimentarily. He farmed the land and brought animals into island. Most notably an annoying vociferous dog, that was slain by Salah. Hoppuka abandoned the island, relinquishing any claim on it. Greenkitten has also built a house in the island. A minor dispute with greenkitten arose once he asked for the house but eventually Salah ceded it.
During negotiations before the Battle if Madeuwe Greenkitten and Salah came to an agreement where the settlement would be annexed by the mongols, if they lost. Unfortunately they did and the settlement was handed over by PPA to the Kaganate. Salah was reinstated as ruler of the island with full autonomy like most other Mongol annexed territories.


On 25 to May, 2013, Salah entered Oceania accompanied by PPA, his leader. When he explored around New Finngolia, Salah found the island. When Salah squatted in Greenkitten's already existing house he founded Jazeer al Kafr. His death by venomthrope triggered him to make it a refuge to all heretics.

Al Kafir Masjid

Al Kafir Masjid, the infidel mosque, was first constructed when the Sheikh found there are no places of worship for heretics in Oceania. It was designated as a mosque but transferred to a lava temple-mosque after an accident. It bears the symbol of Jazeer Al Kafr, the inverse cross and the crescent. Salah has undertaken many dangerous jouneys to hell to attain nether and construct the mosque. The temple suffered a sacrilege, petrification of the lava. The Sheikh restored and renovated it. At night, the glow of the mosque can be seen from high.

The island is small. It is flattened. Two rivers were mined. The cavern underneath the island is spacious. A terraformation from dirt to soul sand has begun.

Waadi Wayil

Waadi Wayil (Valley of woe) is a small residence in nether that is part of Jazeer al Kafr.

  • Salah
  • Greenkitten
  • lootman

The culture of the island is levantine.


Jazeer al Kafr at noon.
Al Kafir Masjid, shining.
North Ender flag, standing defiantly.
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