Sea of Kijima

Sea of Kijima

Map of the Sea of Kijima
Location The Cold Ocean (optional)
Coordinates 560X -7440Z
Max length 520 m
Max width 485 m
Surface area 200,000 m²
Average depth 15 m
Max depth 21 m
Water volume 2,550,000 m³
Islands 23
Settlements Kijima, Noord Wortland, Izmorosjov, unnamed

The Sea of Kijima is a geographical region northeast of the spawn named after the nearby settlement by MystiaLorelei. It is notable for its East Asian architecture and its large density of small settlements.
Part of the Sea of Florina, it is bounded by the Anean continent to the west, the Kijiman Yuki Peninsula to the north, the Sabishii Archipelago to the east, and the Sjevjerokitajskij Peninsula to the south.

The Kijima Sea is so named after the island of Kijima, the firs tplace to be settled in the region.

The first foray into the Sea of Kijima was made by MystiaLorelei, who also gave the region its name. Then still as a citizen of Florina she discovered the Sabishii Archipelago and settled on the jungle island of Kijima. When she showed her settlement to P_P_A he was delighted by its coziness, and decided to claim the northern islands of the archipelago in the name of Nieuw Walschor, thus founding Noord Wortland.
Koinucian had been interested in moving to Florina, but since the settlement's ruler had stopped playing the game and could thus not confirm his citizenship, he moved further north towards the Sjevjerokitajskij Peninsula and created Izmorosjov there.

The three settlements grew and flourished, and enjoyed each other's neighbourhood. Repeated incursions by New Finngolia, which futilely attempted to include the sea into its sphere of influence, could only disturb the peace temporarily.

Short of fertile land, the settlements of the Sea of Kijima rely largely on trade to import food beyond what limited subsistence farming can provide. The forested Yuki and Sjevjerokitajskij peninsulas are a steady provider of lumber.
Izmorosjov's modern port serves as an important hub for the region, and Noord Wortland's status as a colony ties it into the economy of Nieuw Walschor.
In early March 2013, MystiaLorelei completed an underground railway connecting the major settlements of the region, thus further facilitating trade between them.

  • The Peaceful Island Empire of Kijima, a Japanese-themed city located on the jungle island lending it its name.
  • Noord Wortland, an island colony of Nieuw Walschor with Dutch and Chinese influences.
  • Izmorosjov, a coastal Far East Russian village with an industrial port district.
  • a settlement by BraindeadAngel on rightful Nieuw Walschorer clay
  • an unnamed settlement being built by Dozer in the desert
  • a 1×1 grass block claimed by the Holy Banana Empire
Black New Finngolia
Red Kijima
Green Nieuw Walschor
Blue Izmorosjov
Yellow Dozer's settlement
White territory under joint administration of MystiaLorelei and P_P_A
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