Impartial Tsardom of IzmorosjovИзморосёвское Беспристрастное Царство霧雨森の公平なツァーリ国
Location Here
Local Languages English
Government Self-styled Tsardom
Leader Koinu
Establishment 9-2-2013
Population 1
Abbreviation Izmorosjov

Izmorosjov is a settlement located in the south of the Sea of Florina around Bay of Sosaniehuja. It consists of two districts, old village known under its original japanese name Kirisamemori located on Sjevjerokitajskij Peninsula and modern town being built on southern plains.


Once Koinu wanted to build something asian so he went to Florina. He met there two of its residents that told him to ask empress if he can do anything in their settlement. Because he didn't want to wait he decided to build outside Florina's borders. He went north and found a cosy forest. Although Koinu wanted to build there, first building was finished month after claiming this place. Settlement was planned to be fully japanese but that's totally not slavic so it was named Izmorosjov, became a tsardom and its mongolish flag gained panslav colours. Since then this place has some slavic soul.

Tsar's Castle

Also known as Kitajskij Kreml and Kairo-jō. It's a typical japanese castle located on a hill between Sea of Florina and Bay of Sosaniehuja, its original japanese name is derivied from this location. Thanks to its placement, castle is visible from a far away plains and seas.

Izmorosjov is a slavic enclave on a japanese land, that's why it's half russian and half japanese. Slavic part is of orthodox faith while japanese one is of shinto and buddhist faith. Presence of both cultures is visible in architecture. There're both japanese and eastern european buildings.

Woods on Sjevjerokitajskij Peninsula provides wood and underground tunnels leading to nowhere being under construction provides cobblestone. Due to lack of minerals and land suitable for farmslands Izmorosjov is forced to import them. The port was built to supply the settlement with imported goods.

Despite being not so far away from other settlements, Izmorosjov is a very calm place. Nothing important happens here. The old district is a great location for people looking for a vacation in a cosy place.

Koinu as the self-appointed Tsaritsa is the only ruler of Izmorosjov. She decides about everything on this island. Destroying stuff, building without permission etc can bring on you the anger of the Tsaritsa.

  • Koinu
  • Port with modern infrastructure
  • Traditional slavic social housing also known as commieblocks
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