Holy Banana Empire

Banana Republic
Capital None, because there is no territory
Motto Banana banana banana banana terracotta, banana terracotta, terracotta pie!
Official Languages English
Demonyn Bananas
Government Not specified (presumably run by multinational food corporations)
Leader unknown
Establishment 01/02/2013
Population Unknown
Abbreviation HBE

The Holy Banana Empire (HBE), also referred to as the Banana Republic or the true HBE (in order to avoid confusion), is a mysterious new non-existent nation (2deep4u). At some point, it is intended to turn it into the worst Minecraft nation ever.

None, because it's more like a forced mene (by Enton).

On April Fools' Day 2013, the Holy Banana Empire claimed to have taken over Kijima as a joke, after Enton placed some HBE flags there.

None, although your mom, caBst, Bragzor and all Brazilians on this server are considered honorary citizens.

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