The Ender-Dwarven War

An ongoing conflict between the Eastern Coalition and the Ender Republic

The Dwarven-Enderian War Dwarven: War of Ender Agression
Ender: the Northern War
The server in a world without Ender
Dates 31-1-14 - February 2014?
Location Eastern Cities of Eureka, karak khaldun and karak korindir
Result - status quo ante bellum
- War ended without consequence via the entire server going inactive for a period of a few months
- PPA and Shako agree to remove the Rucheim wall
The Dwarven Realm
* Kingdom of of Karak Winterlyn
* Kingdom of Karak Khaldun
* Kingdom of Karak Korindir
Republic of Ender
Supported by
Republic Of Condeura
Kingdom of Kriegstein
Eureka Republic
Probably Cabst eventually
Leaders and Commanders
1488 7
Battle Losses
0 3

The Dwarven mEnder War was a war between the eastern coalition and the Nation of Ender. Although the Eastern coalition vastly outnumbered the Enderians it was mostly made of Autists who suck at fighting. After a few battled the war petered out with a long period of server inactivity.

Events in Enderia Leading to War

After the Enderian elections, the white horse candidate, Slow Dancer, won the office of Presidency of the Republic of Ender. Under President Slow Dancer, the Republic of Ender has seen rapid industrialization. Efforts were made to control the hunger problems of the poor northerners, but much like all dictators, the Enderian human aid was rejected by Winterlynian leaders like Shakomatic. Winterlyn and its vassals continued to invade their neighbors of Klamdau, Altschwabenland, and Onionland. In response, President Slow Dancer announced a bold new doctrine where further Northern invasions of their neighbors would be seen as acts of aggression, thus requiring Enderian intervention. The Speaker of Enderian Congress stated that it is the duty of the free world to liberate people from slave pens like Shakomatic's cobblestone quarry.

Grudging Indecent

With the Enderians Being agressive to the eastern nations the Dwarven realm made good to respond to such advances such as the illegal building of a military outposts in Kreigsteinian land and breaching the Bresho-Enderian Freindship pact. The Dwarven people began to assert their right to self determination and a freedom from the interference of the Enderians in the West in the politics of the East. This culminated with the agressive behaviors of the Enderian known as Glitchybat. After weeks of Glitchybats vocal and sometimes physical opposition to the Eastern people the kings of the Dwarven realm began to consult each other on the issue. When Niller king of Karak Khorindir attempted a diplomatic solution to the problem Glitchy only responded with more verbal abuse against the dwarves. Shakomatic announded he was undertaking the ancient Dwarven tradition of Grudgebearing and the Enderains falsely took this as a declaration of War.

Opening Battles

The Enderians launched a raid on Karak Khaldun whilst simultaniously launching a propaganda campaign against the Dwarven people. The Enderains snuck in and proceeded to kill the king of Karak khaldun and furthermore prevent his fighting back by attacking him at his bed. The King of Karak Khorindir intervened and the first wave of raiders were killed. A larger battle ensued and the raiders began to falter. The Raiders set off a number of tnt and three withers inside the karak and gained the momentum to hold out longer. Eventually the raiders were all slain and a large coalition force was called in to deal with the withers. After the battled Enton intervened and declared the whole move illegal much to the dismay of both sides.

After the Enderain retreat back to hinoarashington (but before their ban) the king of Kaarak Khorindir traveled to Hinoarashington in order to exact revenge on the raiders. Alas although the raiding force that initially attacked Karak Khaldun was a 4:1 ratio, Palin4prez alone was outnumbered 3:1 and was quickly cut down. Subsequently after the Banning of the Enderains the dwarves proceeded to slaughter their livestock.

Artists depiction of the Battle of Karak khaldun


Propaganda poster usded in the Enderian Republic


Due to inactivity beginning after the ban of the Ender by both sides a battle was never scheduled. About a week after the Ban most of the war was forgotten and petitions for battle ceased from both ends. To Note initially the inactivity in the war was caused by the eastern coalitions refusal to fight whilst the Enderians were banned, being content to wait out the decision of Enton. By the time the enderains were unbanned most of the will to fight was gone and interest was lost in the war. As usual most of the war and aftermath was blamed on Shakomatic, which may or may not be appropriate seems pretty accurate considering he supported the ban and refused several opportunities to proceed with it.

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