Klamdauer Rotstein- und Autismus-Forschungs- und -Technologieinstitut
(no pictures, it's dark in that damn cave)
Location 940X, -990Z
Local Languages English
Government Autistocracy
Leader Tefal
Establishment 12.2013
Population 1
ASC/S not assigned

The “Klamdauer Rotstein und Autismus-Forschungs- und Technologieinstitut” (Klamdau Institute for Redstone and Autism Research and Technology), or KRAFT for short, is what happens when a lonely miner gets into self-imposed solitary confinement for too long: a big cave.

Striking the Earth

After the dissolution of the GAM in the summer of 2012, Tefal left Oceania, disgusted at its vast expanses of emptiness. He came back in late 2013, called by other oldfags, when the server switched to Alpha's Realm and saw that the new map was good. In remembrance of good times past with the GAM, he joined MystiaLorelei in the Klamdau Settlements of the North-East.

Tefal considered building aboveground on the island on the Klamdau delta, Sebagalia, already settled by Koinu. In the end, however, he decided to make his own settlement under the island and started digging his own Geofront. A 100×100 square was delimited at Y12, and he started digging.

Dig more, think less (12.2013 - 01.2014)

About two months passed during which Tefal dug the first half of the 100×100 square, consuming a mind-boggling number of diamonds in the process. Some precious help was obtained from fellow players, last but not least by Anon1234 helping out with the final phase of the digging, finally clearing out a 100x50x13 empty space deep underground.

Redstone autism kicks in (01.2014 - 02.2014)

It was now time to make the place nicer. Dirt was put in place, an artificial forest grown on top of it, an artificial lake and a proper (side) entrance made. The previous access tunnel was transformed into a waterfall. Ceiling redstone lamps were built that turn on and off with the day-night cycle.

And Tefal still had no house to live in.

War and the long hiatus (02.2014 - 09.2019)

As a neighbor of Dwarven Realm, the KRAFT got involved in the Ender-Dwarven war. Wither warfare during the Battle of Karak Khaldun devastated the aboveground settlement of Klamdorf; the Geofront was built to withstand it and emerged unscathed. Though the damage was rolled back, it made the inhabitants of Klamdau leave.

Tefal was now alone in an unfinished, abandoned nation. He too eventually lost interest and left.

Nostalgia and handover (09.2019)

Looking back at his past, Tefal logged in after five years and came back to find the KRAFT untouched. Time had marched on; most of the server's players he knew were gone. Not wanting his work to be forgotten, he started looking for somebody else to take care of it.

The single defining factor about the settlement is the space it is built in, also known as the Klamdauer Geofront. There currently is not much in it but for the lake, waterfall and brook in it. Aboveground lies the island currently known as Sebagalia, which was being settled by Koinu but is now abandoned, leaving a half-built town behind.

As the name of the KRAFT implies, the Geofront below the island was meant to be used for research and development. Expect to see strange redstone machinery; in the event of a major catastrophe, the cave can be used as a containment facility and sealed away.

Another goal of the Geofront is to allow its occupants to survive unrestricted wither warfare and/or the covering of the entire map with magma. To this end, it can be completely cut off from the outside and is expected to function autonomously, with its own food sources and tree farms. Mineral resources are provided by expanding the cave. The Geofront also acts as a makeshift Noah's Ark, with at least one specimen of every tree and plant being cultivated and preserved.

The KRAFT is surrounded by the rest of the inactive Klamdau Settlements, Ascunse Pădure and the County of Klamdau. Beyond them, an influent but now gone neighbor was Karak Khaldun in the East, similarly underground and autistic. Informal diplomatic relationships between the two settlements were generally friendly despite Karak Khaldun exerting pressure on the KRAFT to join the Dwarven Realm. A connection linking the Geofront to the Underway linking the Dwarven settlements was in discussion, but never realized. Its last remaining active neighbor is Umm al Asufli in the West.

The KRAFT is reachable by rail. From Third Spawn: take the line to Novobydlograd, then the Red Line to Waterfall. There is a station named “KRAFT” on the Red Line between Autism Mountain and Waterfall; the branch line there leads directly to the KRAFT itself.

Import: rare resources by small-scale bartering, biological specimens for the Ark part of the Geofront.

Exports: some of the mineral resources obtained by enlarging the cave, informal redstone & autism expertise.

Dig. Make the place prettier. Wash, rinse, repeat. Building the Geofront is a mixed meditation-gardening exercise. Since MystiaLorelei and PPA have all but abandoned building, the place is ronery.

The dead quiet of the abandoned Klamdau settlements was occasionally troubled by unrestricted wither warfare against neighboring settlements, which was a sure-fire way to get Tefal pissed off and trying to hack away at people with a stone sword (because too poor to afford losing diamonds to warmongers).

Tefal was the head autist who decided upon all matters related to the settlement. He talked to / argued with himself from time to time, but otherwise went along well with himself. He wrote about stuff in third person in this wiki.

Tefal (until 2014)
his ego (likewise)
some trees
slimes spawning in the cave

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