Klamdau delta settlements

Klamdau delta settlements
Location 1000 X, -900 Z
Local Languages German
Demonyn Klamdauer
Leaders P_P_A, Koinucian, MystiaLorelei
Establishment 8th December 2013
Population 4

The Klaumdau delta settlements are three settlements situated at the mouth of the river Klamdau, running through the north-east of Neuschwabenland. They are Koinucian's Dynamiburg on the north-eastern corner of [placeholder] island north of the river which is under joint administration of P.P.A. and MystiaLorelei; the Ascunse Pădure of MystiaLorelei covering the dense forest west of the river; and P.P.A.'s Klamdorf, on the eastern shores of the delta.


On the first day of the New World of Alpha, P_P_A was searching the map for a sea or an ocean. Having heard rumours of a sea in a distant corner of the map, he began his trek north-eastwards, finally arriving at the Alder Sea and finding a small island,named Walschor Island, where to make his home—or so he intended.
He told Koinu of his discovery, and invited him over to settle nearby. When he returned to the mainland to visit his new neighbour, he was baffled by the majestic beauty of the nearby mountains, and decided to build his homestead at the southern tip of the hitherto biggest island on the server instead, situated at the mouth of the river Klamdau.
MystiaLorelei was invited to join as well, and found delight in the dense, roofed forest west of the river; and so the three erstwhile residents of the Sea of Kijima were re-united on the new map.

On the next day, P_P_A and Koinu decided to switch places, since each other's land was more suited to their plans than their own.

After two weeks Koinu decided that he have no idea what to do with his island and gave it away.

The three settlements lie at the mouth of the Klamdau river on the southern shore of the Alder Sea. The northernmost settlement is Koinu's, splayed out over an island of plains. To the west, huddled between the river, the sea, and the mountains, are the dense forests of the Ascunse. Towards the east, the valley is bounded by the mighty Rucheim mountain range, at whose foot Klamdorf was founded.

The settlements are apolitical and belong to no nation. Their leaders have yet to decide whether to run them as one large settlement, three independent ones, or something in between. They are founded on the premise of good neighbourhood, cooperation, and tasteful autism.

no longer starving but still poor

P_P_A, Koinucian, MystiaLorelei, CaptNOwen

Klamdau has a very strong sense for the gay. With Koinu and Mystia roleplaying as girls it isnt too far fetched to expect homosexuality of all kinds.


The architecture surrounding the Klamdau river delta is inspired by German, Romanian and Latvian traditions, but not yet very developed.

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