List of Unimportant People

There are people who play on The Server who are relevant enough to merit some information, but are too new or otherwise not important enough to get/waste a whole page on.

Basically it's like 2/3rds of these people only they aren't autistic enough to either forge importance or waste their lives on a fairly obscure and unimportant Minecraft server.


Aresal is an ebin and friendly adventurer from Mexicano, has been pretty regular for nearly a year now but doesn't into politics that much.


Might be spelt wrong, a BR that shows up with a few other BRs doing BR things.



An occasional Enderian who most people don't acknowledge existing, despite being part of the first crew to access the End, helped kill the Ender Dragon, and built the first Ender Farm of Alpha's Realm. When he does come on, he's probably banging important people.

Ruby getting in an important person's way


Baron of Provincia Prosperità
Language: English
Residence: Terra Patria Province, Empire of Condeura
National Affiliation: Empire of Condeura
Economic Affiliation: T.O.P. Industries
Holdings: Provincia Prosperità
Titles: Baron of Provincia Prosperità, Grandmaster McSwagger of Condeura, King Pimp, and Blackest black in all Condeura
Icons: Condeura

King Pimp and Grandmaster McSwagger, Whereisthe1piece is a citizen of Condeura, and the Baron of Provincia Prosperità. His province is set to be mainly economic, with its centerpiece being the gargantuan T.O.P. Industries, or Tower of Pimps Industries, of which he is CEO. His business specializes in everything bling gold, as well as whores of all shapes and sizes dating services. His favorite colors to wear are purple and gold, and he is the most black citizen of Condeura to date.

King of Nether

Some Kriegstein Consulate's citizen, known for being irregularly active (much like the whole nation), a britfag AND a(n) nigger horse thief. A really heinous behavior which is aggravated by the fact he doesn't breed the horses and therefore somehow lose them in the wild. Which cause much butt-hurt to the glorious nation leader the french lazy-ass architect..

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