Protectorate of Hexeninsel

Protectorate of Hexeninsel
Location x=1140 z=9190
Local Languages Cluck
Demonyn chicken
Government Absolute Monarchy
God Empress a chicken
Establishment 07.02.2013
Population 0
Abbreviation N/A

Titular Hexeninsel and its neighbouring islands were settled by MystiaLorelei and P_P_A in order to exploit their resources. They were given up two days later and are now in the hands of a chicken. After German terrorists attacked the island, P_P_A ceded it to new Finngolia.

The Hexeninsel Expedition

The two conquistadores in the port of Ebbenschipp.

While examining satellite images of the world, P_P_A noticed something highly intriguing on an island east of New Finngolia. He informed MystiaLorelei, and the two decided to embark on an expedition to explore the island, and, if indicated, to claim it.

They met on Ebbenschipp, main island of Noord Wortland, and together with Rosenmann (who appeared out of nowhere suddenly) set sail towards the north. The expedition was several times interrupted when MystiaLorelei's ship was first sunk by cannon fire from pirates flying the Jolly Roger, and again later when it ran onto a naval mine. The winds were not favourable either, and MystiaLorelei was slowed down by severe lag.
Rosenmann was sent back to Voelhaven before reaching the island because his presence only worsened Mystia's lag, but he was there in the explorers' hearts and minds.

Eventually, the pair arrived on the island (hereafter named Hexeninsel), and promptly hoisted their respective flags. Venomthrope, leader of nearby imperialist nation New Finngolia, took notice of this and threatened the two, although the island was clearly outside of New Finngolia's (exaggerated) claims. The incident was resolved peacefully when venomthrope relented and went back home without a fight.


The purpose of the Hexeninsel Expedition had been to exploit the witch hut located on the island for a mob grinder. However, two days later MystiaLorelei spotted another witch hut on the coast just across the sea of the Sabishii/Wortland islands, and informed P_P_A. It was decided to abandon the faraway and cramped Hexeninsel and to build the farm in that location instead.

The rulers of Kijima and Noord Wortland thus returned to the island one last time. They lowered their flags and took any valuables with them. P_P_A installed Governess Chicken as the sovereign of the island, and was killed by a Creeper on his way out.

Chicken Empire

Shortly after having been invested with the rule of the islands, Chicken proclaimed herself God-Empress and turned Hexeninsel into an absolute monarchy with her as the head. She since rules Hexeninsel with an iron fist.

Terorrist Attack and New Finngolian Protectorate

On the 16th February, a group of German terrorists landed on Hexeninsel, detonated the palace of God Empress Chicken, and built a buttugly tower nearby labelled “Wachturm der Deutscheneinheits” in irreparably broken German. venomthrope saw this and engaged the rogues, soon driving them to surrender. He proceeded to destroy their structure.
God Empress Chicken endured the crisis unharmed, through she fell out of her damaged palace and had to be recaptured by P_P_A.

After all the TNT damage had been rolled back, P_P_A ceded the island to New Finngolia under the condition that Chicken be recognised as its ruler and be granted wide-ranging autonomy. venomthrope accepted, and thus Hexeninsel became a protectorate of the Finngolian state.

War of Hexeninsel Succession

Chicken and heir Prince Chicken II.

During an expedition into the far north of the map, MystiaLorelei, Rosenmann, and P_P_A once again visited Hexeninsel to seek shelter for a night. They discovered that God-Empress Chickem had given birth to an heir, Prince Chicken II.

Mother and child are joined by bastard Tori.

That night, MystiaLorelei secuded God Empress Chicken and fathered with her a bastard: Prince Tori. Though the three explorers left the next morning and the fate of Hexeninsel was once again shrouded in mystery, it is presumed that upon the death of God-Empress chicken, her two children will engage in a bloody succession war.

A map of the archipelago; Hexeninsel is highlighted,
the line demarcates the extent of New Finngolian claims.

The archipelago is composed of ca. 15 islands, of which P_P_A and Mystialorelei claimed the swampy eastern twelve, all barely above sea level. New Finngolia, whose mainland lies around 600 m to the west, had claimed the three western islands of the chain; their climate is tropical.

Her Imperial Majesty God-Empress Chicken lays eggs and sells them.

God-Empress Chicken in her palace.

MystiaLorelei and P_P_A jointly ruled the islands, and were in their absence represented by Governess Chicken. Early during the construction of the administrative headquarters, Chicken entered the construction site and presented herself to P_P_A. Impressed by such enthusiastic initiative, he named her governess of the settlement. She since resides in the top floor of the house and lays an egg once in a while.

After the abandonment of the settlement, Governess Chicken took power and proclaimed an Empire. Since the incident of the 16th February she is a vassal of New Finngolia.

  • Her Imperial Gallic Majesty, God-Empress Chicken the Great
  • His Imperial Gallic Highness, Prince Chicken II of Hexeninsel
  • His Imperial Gallic Highness, Prince Tori of Hexeninsel-Kijima
The main building, aptly named “MystiaLorelei's and P_P_A's former shack of gay homosex”, before its destruction.
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