This player is an Ex-moderator.

President of Neko-City Republic
Koentinius ready to play some Minecraft
Languages Russian
Broken-ish English
National Affiliation Neko-City Republic
Political Affiliation Ruminian Confederation
Joined June 2016

Anatolgol3 is a slav, a huge autist and a persona non grata.

Anatolgol joined during the foundation of Ruminian Union and was a member of it until the end of 2016, when he decided to become a separatist, joined Tea Sanctuary Empire, and after several battles quit it and founded Neko-City Republic as a standalone nation. During that time he wished to battle literally everyone on the server, made several double accounts, annoyed the shit out of BBA and got permabanned(for a few months). And yes, he became a mod after all of this in August 2017. Somehow.

In April 2017 Anatolgol joined Winduzastikan Federation and went separatist again in January 2018, insisting that he was tired of bolitics in general. Afterwards, in May 2018 he presented the idea of a new Ruminian Union and joined it consequently.

Anatolgol is still not the best at speaking English, but back in 2016 things were somehow even worse.

[IRC]<anatolgol> Until they podterzhdeny and not a nation, except when they have a border ?:
[IRC]<anatolgol> In this case, I need to have my hair back, from which made flags
[IRC]<anatolgol> All the sheep have killed me

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