WTC OccupationPart of the Venesian-Rashidun War

Date 02.09.2018
Location Venesian Bay
World Trade Center
Result Some people gilled, WTC apparently occupied and griebed
Venesian Kingdom Heretic Rashidun Caliphate
Winduzastikan Empire
Leaders and Commanders
King Nota I Sultan Salah
0-1? 2
1 civilian

Venesian Bay Withering and the WTC Occupation

A (probably) non-designated battle which happened right after Venesians finally snapped from all the conflicts with the H.R.C.

The Venesian Kingdom was in conflict with the Heretic Rashidun Caliphate for quite a while, which started sometime near the dissolving of Lampachan. Since then, Salah seemingly pestered the local inhabitants there and there, and placed Mamluk bases nearby, while Venesians seemingly killed a small bunch of Caliphate's citizens. After all of this, morning of September 2, 2018, king Nota I officially came with a statement declaring war on the Caliphate as a whole.

Salah enter the Venesian Bay seemingly in a matter of hours after Nota's statement. According to neutral witnesses, he wandered about in invisibility for a while and as a result got killed at some point, which pretty much started the entire thing.

Venesian soldiers rushing to the WTC

After Salah got killed for the first time, his cenotaph got walled with droppers by the locals, which made him use Withers in order to get the stuff back. In the end he spawned about 7 withers or so and the entire act somehow was moved to the WTC. Someone summoned more withers in there as well and after a certain time it was unclear where the battle was. Caliphate's warriors wandered around for a bit while Salah left saying “feel free to kill anyone.” After the WTC was almost free of players, Venesians rushed in, found noone to fight and claimed that they occupied the WTC.

Caliphate's allies had trouble getting into the battle as it wasn't planned in advance: thus the Ruminian Confederation decided on simply supplying it while Anhud Jerdn as the army leader of the Winduzastikan Empire tried to fight for a bit but didn't even find the battlefield, let alone gather more soldiers. Other smaller nations didn't even really show up.

A random peaceful Winduzastikan citizen also was shot while trying to see where the wither was.

After Venesians claimed the WTC to themselves everything was already quickly rollbacked and the battle was deemed to be over with noone really understanding what happened. Darth_Meetra also demolished some towers in the Venesian Bay afterwards and got banned.


“this is dum” - A. Jerdn

PPA also photographed the battle, the album can be seen here.

Following Battle(s)

Another bombings of the WTC happened on September 9, which ended up to be very similar to the previous battle and wielded just as much result, which is none.

WTC now has screwed up carpets and water elevators, while everything else was rollbacked.

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