The Venesian-Rashidun War

The Venesian-Rashidun War
Moloch awaiting venesians
Date 2 September 2018 – 15 September 2018
(14 days)
Location Venesian Bay, World Trade Center
Result Victory of the Rashidun Coalition
– Illegal dissolution of Venesian Kingdom
– Venesian Bay is claimed by the Caliphate and renamed to Zanzibar
Heretical Rashidun Caliphate
Ruminian Confederation
Winduzastikan Empire
Venesian Kingdom
Leaders and Commanders
Sultan Salah
General Secretary Crni Drachen
SoV division commander Anhud Jerdn
King Nota I
Venesian Bay Withering and WTC Bombings
Venesian Bay Invasion

Venesian-Rashidun War is a massive war originating in Venesian Kingdom, which was declared on Heretical Rashidun Caliphate on 2 September 2018, and lasted for 14 days until the last battle and the dissolution of Venesian government on 15 September 2018. It turned out to be one of the biggest wars of modern Alpha's Realm as a whole, involving 4 nations and being even more global than the June Purges of 2016.

Notakommi declares war
Dovasko scheming
Nota and dovasko discussing
War preparation begins

Dovasko has been planning to attack other nations, such as MOND, back in May. His desire could've prompted Notakommi to attempt attacking the alliance again. They had been planning it seriously since August. The conflict between Venesia and Rashidun Caliphate began at least in the middle of August 2018 - according to some sources, the preparations for the war as a whole might have been started in early August already. The provocations from each side started after the dissolution of Lampachan as an independent nation; the claims on its remnants were up to debate to its chaotic government, which led to the whole territory being proclaimed neutral by the server's Politburo and both nations going into a rivalry with each other.

Rashidun version:

Our conflict with Venesians begin thus:

  • first incident happened when SkyDiverCool and Salah strolled the Venesian Bay and notakommi disliked it. The entire clan was banned from the Venesian premises which led to a reciprocal ban on them from the caliphate's premises.
  • second incident was the “acquisition of Lampachan”. Notakommi tried to landgrab the capital of the dissolved nation with help of its previous leaders and was further provoked by dovasko as well. Only with incessant debate and intervention of mods was this prevented, leaving the Lampachan settlement apolitical.
  • third incident was notakommi griefeing Mamluk Sorrow and dispersing/killing its soldiers.
  • fourth incident was a theft of clay by Osvald. Afterwards notakommi tried to blame Sultan Salah for illegal cprivating, and after failing, declared war on the Caliphate.

The Caliphate's allies were involved as well, including Winduzastikan Empire and Ruminian Confederation. Ruminian Confederation aided Salah's army financially too. Three indecisive battles at WTC, which involved the usage of defending Withers, occurred, as well as a week long raid. On 15/09 the final battle happened, in which the venesian leader capitulated fully declaring “full surrender”. A war conference was hosted in WTC top floor (Rashidun HQ). All leaders were invited but the Venesian leader/members refused to participate and engaged in pvp instead. The remaining leaders, the victors, decided on the disbandment of Venesian Kingdom, and the transfer of Venesian Bay (renamed Zanzibar) to Salah.

Venesian version:

After the numerous conflicts that began on 10 August, relations between the two countries became tense, both sides literally plunged into the cold war and were obvious rivals, although they did not declare it. On September 2, the king announced the outbreak of hostilities against the entire HRC nation, and on the same day almost all the vassals arrived in the capital, forming an army led by the king, which became known as SUFB (rus. СЮФБ). dont think that i need to repeat why is it all going, tell me in mc or irc i will explain how it's look like and why t.notakommi

On the same day there were armed clashes on the territory of WTC towers and the Venesian Bay, mainly the instrument of battles were withers, although there were some military clashes.


  1. 25/11/2018 - Grief of the bay by notakommi leading to his permaban. Smaller griefs by dioxide and another accomplice.
  2. December 2018 (ongoing) - Continuous illegal trespassing.
  3. January 2019 - Murder of Mamluks.
  4. January 2019 - Guardians' harassment by d1oxide.
  5. 07/03/2019 - A horse mishandled by shero3211.
  • Formation of a doc detailing many more crimes.
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