The June Purges

Enderian Perd-Expedition
Dates 22th June - 26th June 2016 (de jure)
Location Perdyusheno
Result Peace Treaty
Republic of Ender,
Involved Forces:
Enderian Milita 1st Breshikan Regiment
Perd-Region Russians
Leaders and Commanders
5 unknown
low moderate
Battles and Campaigns
First Raid of Perdyusheno - Second Raid of Perdyusheno - Third Raid of Perdyusheno - Siege of the Enderian Fort

The June Purges, commonly known as the Russian Purges or the Perd Expedition in Ender (the breshikan soldiers refer it as the Forth Enderwar), was a series of Raids, Skimrishes and Battles fought in and around the Russian settled Town of Perdyusheno between the Ender Republic and its native inhabitants, mainly russians. While it began merely as an ethnic cleansing to stop cyrillic potato speak in chat, it escalated into full out war. At first the Ender Republic had the element of surprise, a large pool of arms, armor and other high-end equipment while she could also count on her veteran army (more than half of the army consisted out of immigrated breshikans), the russians adapted quickly and mobilized a large force while working day and night in factories to produce gear and potions. The conflict lasted just for about a week, in which both sided fought very energic and invested a large amount of resources.

After the third raid on the russian town, a peace agreement was negotiated and signed in the enderian castle near the town, the conflict ended formal on June 26th. But after some provocations on both sides, the now good equipped russians occupied the fort and managed to defend it against a detachment of enderians. The peace agreement maintained intact, but the fort stayed in the hands of the natives.

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