Yesvf Ivanidiot
Home City: Neo Wissendorf
Language(s): English (native)
National Affiliation: None?
Political Affiliation(s): None?
Roles and Titles: Founder of Neo Wissendorf
Joined: 2 weeks ago

A recruit from /v/, tricked into coming onto the server when Kovio and Sikandar tried to create Bustaville in order to have a new puppet nation to war, but ultimately ended up with Breshik. Is known for various ambitious projects such as Wissendorf, Wissendorf II and the shenanigans surrounding their creation.

Ivanidiot joined 2 weeks ago. Ivanidiot's time and space fibers are constant, and no matter what time of the year it is, he always joined the server 2 weeks ago. This pretty much gives the right to all players to call Ivanidiot a newfag whenever he talks shit he doesn't know nothing about.

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