Separate Reality is a project by areteee, Laredolare, mazznoff, venomthrope and June. It consists firstly of flooding the ocean at a big height, for this purpose the ocean has been claimed. The mountains are a place venomthrope wishes to inhabit, while another part is for Junes mob tower. The forrest is for minor projects, there are already farms and animals nearby. Please respect our borders and do not build in our territory without permission.

Picture of the great Squid Octopus
Government None
Leader -
Established December 2013
Population 5

The biggest and baddest dudes of the oceania map decided to start some shit in the South West regions of alpharealms.

Contributors of the 1st square:

Contributors of the 2nd square:

Contributors of the 3rd square:

  • areteee
  • Anon1234
  • Yellow_Submarine

Contributors of the 4th square:

  • areteee
  • Anon1234
  • Yellow_Submarine

Note: Membership is exclusive and invite only, dont bother to ask for one unless you have massive amounts of autism.

  • areteee
  • venomthrope
  • mazznoff
  • June
  • Laredolare

Something, but I am 1488% sure it's superior to yours.

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