Capital Elkkuton
Official Languages English, Afrikaans
Demonyn Elkki
Government Council
Establishment 12-07-2013
Population ~13
Abbreviation CCR


Centered in the savannah city of Elkkuton, Elggun is the climactic reunion of the disperate children of kurwa. Prominent citizens of former nations Kurwa, Rhodes, Battx, FAP, and others came together at the dawn of a new map to rejoin under a new, united flag.


Council consisting of people. Caretaker government consisting of the few still active members. Many Elkkuton citizens also hold positions of great authority on the server, including moderator or political officer duties.


After nearly 2 years of seperation, many former Kurwan citizens and the citizens of former Kurwan entities decided to rejoin under a new and impartial banner. The first nation to be recognized on the server and the first to host a highway to spawn, an enchanting table, and a beacon, the city of Elkkuton developed rapidly in the first few days of the 1.7 Alpha's Realm server.


Elkkuton proper is located on the veldt of the server - it's hot and there's a river and lots of trees, but only sort of close-by. The second half of nation occupies the desert and forested areas of the region in a well marked area. In addition to the main region of the nation, there are two additional settlements which make up the territory - Hochstein and Rio Deseado.

Ancient Elggun Borders


Ordered alphabetically with the most important irrelevant aussie first, then important people comes:


Orange wood is popular. Horses also. Also pure Kurwan ethnicity.


  • Elkkuton is serviced by the Cripple Creek metro system, and has overworld rail connections to the map's original spawn, Autism Mountain, Bydlograd, and Yetitown.
  • The nation is bordered by two large highways which eventually end at old spawn, dmigis' settlement, and Bydlograd.
  • There are a series of canals and rivers, but due to the embezzlement of funds by officials oppression done by outside powers, these may not be navigable.
  • There is a single netherportal in Elkkuton which is not easily accessible via the nether.

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