Former Carrier of the Mandate of Heaven, Te3
Picture of tetete taking over the server after [[people:omgmac|omgmac's]] departure
Home City: The Creative Server
Language(s): German (native), English
National Affiliation: None
Political Affiliation(s): The Order of the Staff
Roles and Titles: Administrator of the Peace, Chief of Staff
Joined: A long time ago
All Admin are actually clones of the previous

Tetete (goes by the name te3 which is not kind of kawaii uguu~~) serves as the current admin of our dear and mentally challenged server while being a tsundere bishoujo. Known for working with computers and logical appreciations she happen to be a more dedicated lazy admin than AlphaBernd, but also like all Germans is less Nazi. She doesn't however suffer from unwarranted self importance, which is very, very, very good.

She's also known for hanging out with Bragzor a lot, her Swedish sidekick (“Germans pooping on Swedes” stereotypes, anyone?) who was promoted to Jr. Admin upon te3's Adminship (that's some nice corruption there gal).

A character of few words, but with the spirit of your average, hard working German. Toiling to pay Greece's debts make us all happy satisfy her brutally sadistic urges of Ordnung preservation fetish. (because fixing Greece's crisis us a sandwich would really make us happy, REALLY).

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