Merchant Republic of West Rhodes

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Merchant Republic of
West Rhodes
República Mercante de Rodas del Oeste
Εμπορικής Δημοκρατία της Δυτικής Ρόδου

Royal Anthem:
God Save the Lords
National Anthem:
National Anthem of West Rhodes
In Virtute Vincamus
Capital Valhalla
Official Languages English
Demonyn Rhodesian
West Rhodesian
Government Bicameral Parliamentary Republic
House of Lords* / House of Commons
*Head of Government
Prime Minister Unelected
President Pro Tempore Vacant
Established 9-22-2011
Population 60
Abbreviation WR

The Merchant Republic of West Rhodes (Spanish: República Mercante de Rodas del Oeste Greek: Επικράτεια Δημοκρατία της Δυτικής Ρόδου [Emporikí̱s Di̱mokratía ti̱s Dytikí̱s Ródou]), commonly know as W.R., West Rhodes or simply Rhodes, is a sovereign state located in the Central Eastern side (x:700, z:-600) of AlphaBernd's Krautchan /int/ server. Its capital Valhalla lays in the Bay of Providence with the Pineland to the south and the Zambezi Desert to the north. It has sea borders with Nova Kurwa in its northenmost point.

West Rhodes is a unitary state governed under a parliamentary system, with its seat of government in the capital city of Valhalla.


After the dark events of the Westwardian Union with the Kingdom of Breshik, OttoVonBistarck became Lord of the Westward Isles. caBastard, a diplomat responsable of the Westward Isles recognition to the international community highly opposed the Westro-Breshikan union, as he saw what was once one of Kurwa's best allies merging with Kurwa most disgusting and annoying enemy (not even rival). Despite this, caBastard recognized Otto's good work to remaster the severely damaged Westward Isles and saw Otto as incredible and competent leader. After the Westwardian Declaration of Independence the 31th of August, Lord_Uxbridge, caBastard and OttoVonBistarck merged their interest of a nice Westward Isles and agreed to work together.

After Great God, our King AlphaBernd announced the server would recieve a new map for the 1.8 update, the idea of a Westwardian colony appeared on the table. The new friendship of the tree Lords made it happen by officially announcing the West Rhodes, Merchant Republic of political project.


After the server update, the first three Rhodesians, Otto, Ux and caBastard, decided to explore the new virgin territories to establish the M.R. of West Rhodes. At first, caBastard came up with a highly forested are he called Cape Providence after his pal Junipero came up with that name to the shelter he had made. But Otto and Uxbridge came up finding a quasi-Island just further south of Cape Providence, and the land was found more suitable for the Republic since it was not surrounded by mountains like Cape Providence is. And so was the Republic founded until it was officially declared a sovereign State when it reached the 20 minimum required to become a nation; it was the second nation to reach that number.

The Evergreen crisis

In days of yore, of when West Rhodes was just officially declared a Republic after reaching the number of 20 inhabitants, Rhodesian realized Nechtoviking had stablished in the southern-most point of mainland Rhodes. After being confronted by caBastard, Nechto decided to give up and gave all the ownership rights of the land he named Evergreen to caBastard, thus was created West Rhodes' first official province, Evergreen. After Nechto came back regreting his decision, he asked to be allowed again in Evergreen accepting West Rhodes' jurisdiction over it, so caBastard decided to appoint Nechto as the first Governor of Evergreen. But as a member of the Batt.x Communist Party, Sikandar claimed that caBastard had jew'd Nechto into giving the land (true but completely legit) and declared Evergreen an independent Socialist Republic part of the non-existant Battkhortostan. Faced with this threat, Nova Kurwa and West Rhodes signed the Mutual Defence Treaty for the protection of Evergreen and Libau. caBastard then proceed to incite rebellion among the Battkhortostanis that ended with the overthrown of Sikandar and the ascension of Killer_Chris as the new president of the Republic of Battkhortostan. The topic of the Evergrockean independence was brought up later by Chris and caBst as a joke and must not be taken serious. Hence the article: Government-in-exile of the People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Evergreen.

The Enlightenment Island Crisis

In a day no-one remembers, the anarchist of mk2389 decided to settle in Rhodesians waters, near the Island of Enlightenment. He was confronted by caBastard and after being discussed he was allowed to stablish as long as he participated in the representative system of West Rhodes. But after mentioning he wanted to be apolitical, Alpha granted him the wish of staying out of Rhodesian politics. To caBst, this was an outrage and an act of treasony, but finding himself limited against the all-mighty power of the Alpha Bernd, he just told him to build in the opposite direction of Rhodesian waters.

Time passed and the subject was never brought up again, until the 27th of October, when caBst realized mk2389 had not followed caBst's petition and had built further inside Rhodes to the pointed he blocked the southwest side of Enlightenment Island. Ater discussin with Alphabernd, caBst (together with YugoTexas) outrage'd due Alphabernd politics regarding the relation between apolitical and political players. So caBastard decided to abstain from playing (ragequit) over Alphabernd's stupid law.

Construction of Valhalla

Koentinius' rise to power

After the events of the Enlightenment Crisis, caBastard realized that West Rhodes' was suffering a political decadence. Because of Uxbridge's lazyness and incompetence, the elections for MP were never finished leaving a seat of the West Valhalla representative empty, making the Commons unable to elect a Prime Minister. The House of Lords was as well empty due to personal affairs of the Lords real lives. caBastard, being the proud jew he is, was not willing to left Rhodes under the hands of anarchism; so he came up with the idea of appointing a temporary supreme head of State, a President Pro Tempore. He gave this responsabily to Koentinius, who accepted the position. His regime ended with no complications the 18th November, 2011 when caBst realized the Lords would start being more active again. For further information of the President Pro Tempore read the section in Government of the Merchant Republic of West Rhodes. Koentinius regime ended November 18th, but his work in West Rhodes major issues didn't end as he was appointed as West Rhodes' newest Lord, replacing catbuskris (who had banned himself in a drunken rampage) and has now become the West Rhodes Land Army Lord Field Marshall.

West Rhodes intervention in Nova Kurwan affairs

West Rhodes played a major role trying to fix the constant political struggle inside Nova Kurwa after the departure of v1adimirr and Rosenmann from the Nova Kurwan Council. The first attempt was a Provisional Government from West Rhodes to Nova Kurwa with the mission to appoint a new ruler for Nova Kurwa and guarantee its existence. The PGNK was highly dissaporved by the Common Empire and for some unknow reason, by the Maritime Republic of Coenstad, who tried to escalate the conflict into an armed one.

With the PGNK withdrawal and a new instable Chancellor for Nova Kurwa, the new Federation of Battkhortostan attempted to annex Nova Kurwa through the Common Empire. The official statement of West Rhodes on the issue pointed it out as an illegitimate annexetion attempt and an attack to Nova Kurwa's sovereignity, which reactivated the Mutual Defence treaty which lead West Rhodes into the Nova Kurwan Civil War. Despite West Rhodes military success, and the accomplished target of dissolving the Common Empire, West Rhodes made a change in its foreign policy, from an interventionist Empire into and Isolationist Nation struggling with it's population decrease. West Rhodes is now waiting for the return of its Lords Uxbridge and Bistarck to create a new recruitment policy.

The Capital City of Valhalla is located in the Bay of Providence in the Alphean Ocean. Surrounded by a leafy forests, a extensive plain and a dry desert. The village of Vikingstadt, Evergreen lays in a small peninsula surrounded by the leafy Selva Negra. West Rhodes' second biggest city, Reddock, Windward Isles is located in a serious of isles north of Mainland West Rhodes. the City of Uganda lays in an ample plain, in a big peninsula in the 1000x border.

Political Map of West Rhodes


Each lord will have the right to create a settlement with a region/territory to lay in.

Unorganized Provinces

  • Cape Providence
  • Hook Island (The Island of Hook is currently under the administration of Bragzor and Tetete to supply Rapeture with wood until Lord_Uxbridge starts his Wool Town project)
  • Isla la Cienega

Rhodesian Confederation Vassal States

For more detailed information about the West Rhodes Governement please read this article.
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For information about West Rhodes foreign relations please read this article.

The State is controlled by a Bicameral Parliament divided in the House of Lords (Upper House) and the House of Commons (Lower House). West Rhodes ia a Representative Democracy based on all the provinces, dependencies and overseas territories under the jurisdiction of West Rhodes.

The States of Nova Kurwa and West Rhodes have developed a friendship bond whose origins come from the long standing relationships between the Westward Isles and the Council State of Kurwa. Because of a possible Evergreen Crisis of Independence due to Batt.x imperialist interest, Kurwa and Rhodes signed a Mutual Defence treaty to protect each other in any separatist attempt in both nations. At the time, Evergreen was under sight of communist seperatist and Libay (Kurwa) was an unstable region controlled by anarchist who did not recognize Kurwan authority.

After the contant instability inside the Nova Kurwa governemnt, YugoTexas rise to power as Chancellor of Noca Kurwa led to an abolishment of the Mutual Defence treaty. Due this constant political instability in Nova Kurwa, both governments have become distant.

Since of 29 september, an embassy resides in West Rhodes, just outside of the capital, representing The People's Republic of Wildedale. This building served as the temporary HQ for the PRW, until snow biomes became avaiable again after the 1.0 update. This marked a strong friendship between the PRW and the MR West Rhodes that now hold superb diplomatic relations.

Their Majesties the Lords of West Rhodes
Lord TheDookie
Lord Spokesman of the House
Lord caBastard
Lord Admiral of the Fleet
Lord OttoVonBistarck
Lord Architect
Lord Koentinius
Field Marshall of the Land Army
Lord Junipero
Lord Public Relations
Killer Chris
Lord of Foreign Diplomacy

For information about the West Rhodes Merchants Club read this article.

Mercantilism. West Rhodes produces a lot of Jew Golds that allow Rhodesian to trade with other nations and between West Rhodes own dear citizens. The citizen Kurwazinho has been portrayed as the perfect Merchant Rhodesian.

West Rhodes' Selva Negra servers as the nation's major wood source. Despite attempts of preventing civil expansion in the cozy Selva Negra, the number of citizens residing there has increased.

West Rhodes also has a lot of hidden treasures within its borders. Said treasures are hidden chest containing diamonds, gold, iron and other valuables.

West Rhodes U-Bahn

Map of the WRR registered tracks

The Merchant Republic of West Rhodes hold the most advanced, organized and functional Flag U-Bahn metro system in the Realms of Alphabernd. The system is maintained by the state-owned WestRhodes Rails which works together with the 51% state-owned branches which are: Valhalla Railways, Reddock Union Railworks and the URCo. [Uganda Railways Co.] which have designated WRR areas to administrate. West Rhodes is interconnected between Valhalla City (West and East), The Exchange, Vikingstadt and Reddock. West Rhodes is also connected with the nations of Badface, the West Rhodes Dependency of Uganda, Nova Kurwa, the status-less settlement of Rapeture and Spawn.

Water Transport

One of West Rhodes major policy is keeping the maritime routes clear of sea-level buildings in the Alphean Ocean and any other explored water surface. West Rhodes' main port is the Valhalla Waterfront, composed of various harbours in the Bay of Providence which is also connected to the Alphean Ocean by an underground water tunnel. Vikingstadt has a small harbour for personal boats, but it is planned to construct a proper harbour north-east of the city. Finally, Uganda holds the most advanced docking infrastructure, Port Uganda.

There are ongoing works to construct another waterfront in Bay Zambezi and Uganda's sister port in Gulf of Bismarck.

WestRhodes Rails logo Valhalla Railways logo Reddock Union Railworks logo URCo. logo

Pre-XX Century British Culture combines with Rhodesian nostalgia. In other words refined gentlemen with a white's man mentality. (We include indos too :3)

Trespassing in Otto's hovel is the national sport of West Rhodes. Furthermore, sleeping in Otto's bed is considered by some to be a rite of passage into manhood for adolescent Rhodesians. In fact Lord_Uxbridge still sleeps in Otto's hovel, though he may be doing this simply to steal Otto's chickens.

The National Flag will be used by the Government in all its public buildings in a 4×6 size. The Naval Ensign will be used in all Rhodesian Navy Forces vessels (R.W.V.) in a 3×4 size altough this may vary according to the vessel size. The Merchant Flag will be used by all civilian ships (in other words: made by citizens with no belic purposes preferably in a 3×4 size, but this may vary according to the vessel size or the captain's own preference. The Civil Ensign can be used by all citizens instead of the national flag in any size they find appropiate to their nationalism as long as this doesn't break any building codes yet to be defined by the West Rhodesian Governement.

National Anthem of West Rhodes
God save our gracious Lords,
Long live our noble Lords,
God save the Lords:
Send them victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
God save the Lords!

O West Rhodes! Beneath thy shining skies.
Great prairies spread and humble people work.
From sea to sea throughout thy length,
We remain loyal to thee.
And thine flag shall guide the seas,
at war and when in peace!
God keep our land, glorious and free!
O West Rhodes! Prosper from shore to shore!
God Save the Lords! God Save our home West Rhodes!

Anthem of West Rhodes (Click Me!)

Anthem of West Rhodes (Click Me!)

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