WebClient WebClient
Ports 6667, 7000
SSL Port 6697
Operator AlphaBernd
Official Languages English, German

On the IRC server you can chat with your fellow autists even when you are not playing.

It is possible to join any channel with the /join command.

/join #chat

A list of all available channels is obtainable with the /list command.


This channel is connected to the in-game chat.


In this channel you can chat with other Bernds, complain about Mod abuse and bitch about server lag. The rules are relaxed and as long as you don't spam you wont be removed from premises.

To access the *Serv help system on the server type one of the following commands.

/msg nickserv help commands
/msg chanserv help commands


It is possible to register a nickname on the server. Registering a nick reserves that name for you.

Register a nick(replace PASSWORD with a password of your choice):

/msg nickserv register PASSWORD

Identify to nickserv(has to be done after each reconnect).

/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD


Registered user can register channels. The user has full control over his own channels.

To register a channel first join it with:

/join #channel

When you are in the channel you can register it with chanserv with this command:

/msg chanserv register #channel PASSWORD DESCRIPTION

GBT is our local IRC bot. He is available in #int and #mods. To see a list of available commands type



When typing !news you can see the latest news.

Every IRC user can write his own news by appending his news message to the !news command: For example:

!news Kovio is free!

The news will also show up on the start page of this wiki. The command is intended to be used by every user to post about news on the server or in the IRC. At the moment access to it is not restricted but if people abuse it for spam it will be.

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