North Ender

Democratic People's Republic of Ender엔ㄷ엘언민주주의인민공화국
 Flag  Coat of Arms
Motto 강성대국 ( Powerful and Prosperous Nation )
Capital Dongyang
Official Languages English
Government Juche single-party state
Supreme Leader 킴종밭 ( Kim Jong Bat )
Establishment 8-15-13

The sole legitimate regime of the continent of the Enderian people. A revolutionary state fighting Ender Republic imperialism.

North Enderians awaiting speech from Supreme Leader Kim Jong Bat|

People of the DPRE have decided that they wished to oust the capitalist ways of Ender in Wonderfields, tiring of living in giant penis buildings. The Northenderians believed the state should provide adequate housing for its citizenry which were not giant phalluses.

The Republic of Ender has responded that they will secure their assets in the North and do not acknowledge the legitimacy of the DRPE.

Supporting the independence of Nieuw Walschor from Rhodesian imperialism, the North Enderian regime fired an ICBM at Madeuw during the battle to test its missile range capabilities to deliver a nuclear payload. This missile system has been 대포동 ( Taepodong ). Effectively detonating nuclear weapons on an ally's soil to target enemies have caused some to call the leader of the DPRE batshit insane.

Thought to have perished from starvation in Oceania, the North Enderians made their appearance in Alpha's Realm, attacking the spawn mall, declaring it a cathedral of capitalism. Speaker BearMonger issued a response, declaring the North Enderians “backwater yokels”.

The “potato revolution” was initiated by Kim Jong Bat; potatoes were viewed as a crop of high importance. North Ender was provided aid for potato production by a few humanitarian organisations. Following this initiative, potatoes were imported, but this also caused some new diseases. French fries, which are made out of potatoes, were once banned in the country. They are now approved by Kim Jong Bat, in a bid to boost his popularity.

North Ender is in possession of three devastating Wither units, ready to be deployed at any time. The DPRE also has a stockpile of TNT, missiles, and armor and weapons that would be the envy of Oceania.

The North Ender regime has provoked multiple nations with threats and conducted military exercises in Alpha's Realm. The exact strength of their forces is debated.

The regime launched an unsuccessful attack on the Commonwealth of Breshik, but was easily repelled. During the battle, Chairman Bul Go Gi used both withereactive and gunpowder-based artillery. However, the nuclear weapons program of the DPRE has yet to become reliable as the withereactive arms failed to detonate.



The military of the DPRE has begun to release propaganda videos.

Supreme Leader, 킴종밭 ( Kim Jong Bat ) Chairman of National Defense, 불고기 ( Bul Go Gi ) Secretary General of the Armed Forces, 롱왕 ( Long Wang )
Chairman of the Committee of the Supreme People's Assembly, 마웉잉두 ( Mau Ting Du )
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