North Ender attack on Nova Bydlograd
Dates 04-04-2015
Location Nova Bydlograd
Result North Ender Defeated
Flag North Ender Flag Commonwealth of Breshik
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Bul Go Gi
Flag Mau Ting Du
Flag Shakomatic
2 2
lots about 5-6
2 spectators

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The Battle

The trap in the portal room

After repelling the first attack, the Breshikans disabled their nether portal by pouring lava on it to prevent next waves. However, this didn't stop the North Enders and they used foul magic which allowed them to teleport their units into the city without going through lava.

A spectator was too careless

Attackers were quickly overwhelmed and they soon dispatched their weakest forces, who had to fight with their fists against city residents, who had diamond equipment. During the ruckus, a terrorist was deployed, who tried to summon a wither, but failed and was killed by King Shakomatic (after that there was a rumor that the Great AlphaBernd prohibited the use of such weapons, but it was later proved that this was a mistake of the terrorist).

Last attacks are being stopped

After a few failed attempts and massacres of the weaklings and spectators who came too close, the half of North Ender forces was totally wiped, and another half was absolutely stopped at the place where they established their foul teleport.

The Enderian embassy exploded or something?

Beginning of the press conference

Before the official end of the battle, but after the winner was decided, King Shakomatic began a press conference and answered a few questions regarding this incident.


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Following Battle(s)

none yet

Some broken windows and walls, which were quickly fixed.
Some of spectators were seen scavenging.

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