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Battkhortostan National-Bolshevik Party
Ideology Left-Nationalism, Cultural Marxism, Multiculturalism, National Bolshevism
Leadership Inner Party, Killer_Chris
Membership Sixteen

The Battkhortostan National-Bolshevik Party is the ruling (and only) party of the Fourth Republic of Battkhortostan.

The party is split into two groups, inner and outer party. Power is concentrated in the inner party, and most executive decisions originate from it. The outer party does not necessarily make up the majority of party membership, and all outer party members may potentially be promoted to the inner party based on merit and trustworthiness.

The inner party appoints administrators for Battkhorti sub-national republics from either rank of the party. The appointee must report to the inner party but otherwise is given a free hand in governing the territory, including setting policies.

B.U.R.D.O. polices both the inner and outer party, ensuring loyalty and identifying potential traitors.


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Party Roster

Inner Party

The Inner Party is the ruling class of Battkhortostan and makes most of the executive decisions.

Outer Party

The Outer Party are equivalent to normal citizens and have some say in government.

  • Baker7 (treasury access)
  • det111
  • Ceausescu
  • idina
  • Kalossi
  • posetcay
  • Saturdaymak
  • Telendil
  • The_Nickster


Proles are non-party member citizens of Battkhortostan listed for census purposes.

  • OttoVonBistarck (dual Batt.x/WR citizen)
  • omgmac (Maintains residence in Batt.x)
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