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Battkhortostan Undercover Reconnaissance and Defense Organization

BURDO Emblem

Internal security and secret police force of Battkhortostan. Enforces the will of the Party Sikandar on the sub-national republics crown lands and monitors both the Inner and Outer Party House de Battkhort for signs of dissent.

Also conducts espionage and counter espionage operations. BURDO maintains contacts in every major nation currently at play.

<caBst|IRC> Batt.x lobby worst lobby.
<caBst|IRC> It's like Washington D.C. over here.
<caBst|IRC> Batt.x = the Jews.
<caBst|IRC> [REDACTED] = the Gov't
<Sikandar[IRC]> that feel when head jew
<caBst|IRC> That is right.
<caBst|IRC> You barely show up here.
<caBst|IRC> But when you do you come up with some sick evil shit.
<caBst|IRC> You're the Ashkenazi Jew, K_Chris is the Mizrahi.
<Sikandar[IRC]> whart sort of jew is mazznoff
<caBst|IRC> None.
<caBst|IRC> He's a Slavshit.

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