A Texan who kills jokes and never builds anything. He is almost always hoarding food for the sole purpose of having it and loves to trade. He has a good-natured rivalry with BremenBernd, is friends with every Battxortii, and plays at odd hours. Inner party member of the Battkhortostan National-Bolshevik Party.

Former head of interim government in Battkhortostan and elections official. Dual citizen of Batt.x; currently residing in Nova Kurwa. Also a major player in the Trial of Bremenbernd in the Court of Butthurt; where testy argued for Bremen's retention of mod powers.

testy is now an OLDFAG

  1. He is currently leading a project known as “Kyler; Sad but True Story,” A movie depicting the utterly true and disturbing life of kyler.
  2. Caused the first war on the 1.8 server by attacking Yugotexas for being on disputed land
  3. Was one of the first pilgrims to visit the Gay Pyramid
  4. Delivered Kurwa it's first shipment of food on the new server
  5. Charted the Sci-Fi City desert
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