Treaty of Commonwealth-Juinndaten Friendship
Type of Treaty: Non-Aggression, Economic Cooperation
Effective Date: July 9th, 2015
Legal Entities Involved: Danikan Commonwealth
Neu Juinnndatenland
Signatories: Shakomatic

Treaty of Commonwealth-Juinndaten Friendship

The Collective Nations of the Danikan Commonwealth and peoples of the Juinnndatenland do hereby pledge Friendship to one another by form of diplomatic missions and cordial relations. These peoples promise not to enter wars against each other and to hold peaceful discussion to solve all disputes whenever possible.

Shakomatic, King of Breshik, Commonwealth Ambassador to the Juindatenland.
Signed: 2015/07/03 22:47

Juinnn, Pharaoh of Neu Juinnndatenland, Emissary of the Peace.
Signed: 2015/07/08

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