A Russian guy who once has joined a Cirno Village settlement a few days before it became abandoned.
He likes to build very huge things, especially pixelarts, and is pretty dedicated to it. Also he sometimes butthurts much and blows up the spawn and Alpha's house; gets bans after it.

  • unfinished K-On pixelart which is built diagonally to be perfectly visible from googlemap.
  • A mansion. Due to amount of glass, it is one of the most griefed buildings on the server. June has repaired it as part of his quest for repair of spawn.
  • Giant Brown Dick. The first thing that most of new players see after joining the server.
  • Enchantment table 2.0 and 3.0. He noticed that the spawn was lacking the enchantment table. He didn't know about the battle and asked if anyone wants to donate two emeralds for making a new enchantment table. June had donated them reluctantly, but however, the new enchantment table was not stolen or griefed. After construction of spawn mall, the table was moved inside.
  • Map pixelarts. Nerd made a script that converts images into minecraft maps. Armed with it, he provided several pictures to minecraft players. There are currently two images: Pony Porn and Spede Pasanen portrait. He sells these maps in his shop at spawn mall.
  • Several chicken machines. He made them to increase the population of chickens on the server and server lag overall. Some of those got destroyed.
  • Various statues around Spawn City and 2nd Spawn: A cat, Anarchy symbol, Hammer & Sickle, Green Lenin with a Santa hat, Sam & Max, and probably more that I've missed.
  • Mob farm, surrounded by a vast nuclear wasteland produced by explosion of 500 stacks of TNT (stolen from admin chests using a currently patched exploit).
  • The “Crazy Zoo” in Spawn City. A complex of underground mob farms that use spawners or breeding machines. Mainly useful for its Yevs.
  • Unfinished city in the middle of the ocean
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