Witch Village

Witch Village is an autonomous region of Post-Venesian Republic

Witch Village
Location X: -3850, Z: -270
Local Languages Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian
Residents shero3211, dankanich, rewodkwda, shul9
Establishment September 2018

After dissolution of Venesian Kingdom

After dissolution of Venesian Kingdom former members of the clan had to hide in this place. They spent a lot of time searching for new reasons to play. They built a large tree and few basements to live in.

Dawn of PVR

After long months of doing nothing several old former members of Venesian Kingdom came back and decided to establish new nation that became known as Post-Venesian Republic. Members of new nation had to live in Witch Village for some time. Then they moved to Phantom Cliff and Witch Village became abandoned

Return to the Witch Village

When dankanich and shero3211 were kicked from Post-Venesian Republic they needed some place to live in. So they returned to the Witch Village and built some new stuff there. Then they returned to Post-Venesian Republic and Witch Village became an autonomous region.

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