Ruminian Siege of NCR
Dates 22.02.2017
Location Neko-city republic aka anatolgol3 bunker
Result Victory of RMCA
anatolgol3 got permaban
Ruminian Union
Supported by:
Eurobeat and RUS
Republic of Neko-city
Leaders and Commanders
Kriegsminister Wheatley Kadijević
General Secretary Josip Broz Crni
Commander MegaZerg
4 1
2 4

Ruminian siege of NCR

Actually, this is the story of RMCA peoples fighting against anatolgol3 and his peoples, beginning from November, 2016. That was started when anatolgol3 decided to leave clan and began killing, stealing and griefing ruminians stuff. That caused serious agression from RMCA side and they began trying to kill anatolgol, but usually, when he's got covered by RMCA peoples, he just runs away and dissapears to restore lost resources and continue fight later.

Everything is been same until Febuary, 22. When everyone realised that anatolgol goes too far, and even MegaZerg got annoyed by him, RMCA and some peoples from dissapeared back in january “Tea Sanctuary Empire” decided to finally end this and invaded his bunker. After that, final battle begins.

Ruminian tanks moving to NCR borders

NCR, anatolgol3's nation, declared war to RMCA and he promised to kill everyone this time, but he failed. Under heavy pressure of everyone rushing into his bunker to kill him, he didn't managed to withstand all of them and retreated, but came back and after that he died anyway. After this, he died again. And again, again and again…

When he out of ammunition for battles on anatolgol3 account, he moved to “NCR_power” and continued fight, except with possible use of cheats, such as autoaim and Damage Indicators mod. He managed to clear out his bunker from a invaders for a while, but they rushed again and NCR_power fell down twice, which confirmed victory of RMCA in a war against NCR and anatolgol3.

Endless butthurt and anatolgol3's whinning about unfair battle and thinking that he actually did nothing wrong, which suddenly ended after recieving a permaban by PPA for a possible using of cheats, which will be lifted only after AlphaBernd's decision, does Damage Indicators and possible auto-aim was allowed or not.

One of rooms in anatolgol's bunker after it was captured by RMCA

Anyway, anatolgol3 created a new account to evade ban, but it's been pretty quickly discovered by PPA and anatolgol3 after that got permaban.

Some blocks in bunker was broken, tons of anatolgol3's armory is now belongs to random peoples. Nothing else.

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