Second Raid of Perdyusheno

Enderian Meme War
Dates 22th June
Location Perdyusheno
Result tactical Ender victory
Republic of Ender DESU Alliance Mujahiddin
Leaders and Commanders
Variobond Salah
3 5-7 1
~1 moderate a few


After the Enderians marched into the techtopian hinterlands, now thanks to the russian settlers known as Perd-Region, taken from its major settlement “Perdyusheno”, they began their first sweep through the town, killing several natives. At the same time they began promtly constructing a bridgehead at the eastern road to Techtopia. The russians however, recovered quickly and formed a loose alliance, known as the “Meme-Army” and focused themselves on producing weapons and armor en-masse, while the Enderian army resupplied for the next assault.

The Battle

On the 22th June 2016 the Enderians began their next attack, meeting somewhat ill prepared militias with inadequate training and inferior gears. The Enderians occupied the town center and fought off hit-and-run attacks from the natives. The battle dragged on, mainly due to the teleportation mechanics, but alas, after fiece fightings in the town and some terroristic attacks carried out by some infamous Jihadists, the russians had to leave the Enderians victorious on the battlefield.


This first “proper” engagement showed the fighting spirit of the russians. While the Enderians could get the upper hand due to their veteran troops and technological advantage, it became clear that russian numerical superiority will come heavily into play in the next fight while the slavs do manage to even out their inferior gears in the two battles to come.

The “Meme Army” was in the aftermatch disbanded, in its place was formed a new nation, the “Ruminian Union”, to defend the settlers of Perdyusheno more effetive against the invaders.

Enderians leading the Mujahideen

Austrobernd, Tomoko and Hinoarashi
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