Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Commerce between The Duchy of Sidonia and The Mandate of New Badfacia.

Terms of lease of the Western Corner of Badforest:

  • Ownership of the western corner of Badforest (as designated in red on the map) will stay under the government of Badfacia and be administered by the duchy of Sidonia.
  • No borders alterations or ownership will take place, as such this treaty does not violate Badfacia's treaty with breshik ( See: grundenburg )
  • Sidonia will develop the region and pay a rent of 10 Emeralds per week for building and administration rights of the region. Failure to pay will revoke Sidonia's lease of the region. Rent is due every Monday, the maximal payment in advance is one month.
  • The government of Badfacia may not revoke this lease without proper reason or compensation ( An example of a proper reason would be if Sidonia joins a Non-COM nation). Afterwards the government may dismantle any buildings in the area as it wishes.


- Duke Tomoko Kuroki of Sidonia. 11/9/15
- High Commissioner Austrobernd Nov. 9th 2015

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