Location -590, -186
Local Languages English
Government Republic
Leader DanFunMan
Establishment 04-04-20
Population ~4

Vostorg-12 is a higly-developed underwater complex of facilities.

Founding and Early Days

First underwater structure construction began at 04.04.20 - it was a large undewater dome that serves as a house to DanFunMan and RandyBender. Shortly after this Grand Ceghlin, underwater train station was built. With connection to Harmonia's subway system Vostorg-12 started to be visited more often, which made newly arrived player RandyBender to join.

RandyBender displayed a great knowledge and skill of redstone contraptions, shortly after recieving a citizen status RandyBender was appointed to a position of Head Engineer of Vostorg-12. RadyBender took his position seriously and created a set of public farms, such as wool farm, food farm and pumpkin farm, he also re-purposed DanFunMan's public bamboo farm to fuel a public auto-smelter.

Rise to Glory and Creation of Union

After gaining some weight in Harmony's economy DanFunMan made a bluepring of a megaproject - dried ocean monument. Vostorg-12 mandated to dry said ocean monument and re-purpose it to a meeting hall and prismarine factory. caca_de_nariz and acidtripper helped and donated funds to this project, Beacon Island residents (ALWX and Rofler), also assisted in the project, whic lead to Alpha Sea Union creation.

At 20.05.20 constitution of Alpha Sea Union was signed at the Hall Of R'lyeh.

Offices of Alpha Sea Union leaders were built inside the Hall Of R'lyeh walls, DanFunMan organized public material storage there. After all the work with Hall Of R'lyeh was done RandyBender decided to drive the economy further and constructed a Yew Mall with a compact yew breeder. Sadly, later in history first yews breeded by Randy using the top-notch eugenics methodology were accidntally thanos-snapped by Salah, who compesated yews in numbers, but not in quality.

Somewhere around that time swifty123 has settled in the southern side of town, which is more retro-futuristic compared by a somewhat conservative architecture of the rest of the city. He built some of the underwater housings himself, some were constructed and granted to him by DanFunMan. Swifty123 aslo constructed a public fish farm.

DanFunMan and Kloware signed the military and trade cooperation pact between ASU and Belrunia.

Stagnation Period

During the autumn of 2020 DanFunMan was practically inactive, RandyBender and swifty123 ligered for a while but soon went quiet too. Shortly after all the New Year Celebrations of 2021 DanFunMan returned to his city, concerning mostly with building. From January to February he built 2 new domes, each bigger than the first one. One dome contained unique flora from rare nether biome, and was terraforme to be identical to a distant and mysterious realm of Morrowind

During this period DanFunMan also built several city buildings such as Hotel Arabica and other buildings surrounding Grand Ceghlin.

Industrial Rise

In late summer of 2021 DanFunMan returned to work on Vostorg-12. Some new offices and living quarters were built, but construction progress were often slowed down by economic set-backs. It was decided to switch attentiona and effort from architecture to factories and farms in order to create interconected industrial complex under the sea, whic would allow faster construction and better quality of life in the city.

Some Farms were constructed underground, in secret, some can be visible from the water surface. DanFunMan also expanded Yew Market and constructed conveyor lines from a certain farms to yews which buy production of such farms.

New Heights

With a reformed economy DanFunMan had more opportunities and resources to build. Small-sized dome was created not far from the spawn, in the southern part of Vostorg-12, but due to some construction mistakes it was polluted with haardous materials and radiation. New dome, 80 blocks in diameter was constructed. It was terraformed into a snowy mountain, the one you would expect to see in Skyrim, not underwater. However, spawnproofing such construction without breaking it's design was proven impossible. This dome is concidered a mid-danger area.

Some empty buildings were given purpose by turning them into a “Certified Hood Classics” publishing house and “Harmony's Geographical Museum” where everyone is free to display the wonders of natural generation or geography of particular settlements.

In November DanFunMan built Museum of History&Culture of Harmonia, where everyone is encouraged to display artifacts and other curiosities from their nations. Currently it has ASU installation, some artifacts from MegaRainds, couple of artifacts donated by Rickroll, aquatic life section and geology section.

Buildings and constructions of Vostorg-12

Dome and Auto-farms
Hall Of R'lyeh
Grand Ceghlin
Monument to Sealanders

Vostorg-12 have an export-oriented economy - creating tonns of goods for sale and exchange with other nations and individual players.

Most peculiar feature of Vostorg-12 is that almost all of it's buildings are located underwwater, which comes with some degree of challange, of course not all players are ready and competent enough to build underwater, but govermnent of Vostorg-12 always assisting and encouraging underwater construction, helping members of the city to create treir own buildings.

Vostorg-12 has no formal government - it is ruled by corporations and landowners, which regulate law and hyerarchy by multitude of agreements. Although law may differ from property to property, Vostorg-12 assembly of land owers and Naval Workers Union agreed upon a set of rules mandatory for every corporation ad land owner to eforce and follow. Non-compliance won't be met with cohersion and violence, but such businesess and thier owners won't be able to trade with others or use certain services provided by the said corporations and workers, who have signed the agreement.

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