Kanshoku Presidency

Capital Sono Kanshoku
Location Map
Local Languages Japanese
Government Calisia Trading Co.
Company Presidency
Kuroki Shogunate 2015/04/04 - 2015/06/06
Carluga Shogunate 2015/06/15 - 2015/09/09
Usagi Restoration 2015/09/09 - 2015/10/12
Kanshoku Presidency 2015/10/12 - present
Leader Tablecat
Ceremonial Leader Emperor Usagi Hirohito

Kanshoku is a company presidency of the Calisia Trading Company. Formerly ruled by a series shogunates and then the Emperor, Kanshoku was purchased over from Tomoko with the advice and consent of Emperor Usagi Hirohito.

Founding Myth

The story of Kanshoku begins on the moon where there lived one very special moon rabbit, the peace-loving Usagi Hirohito. Unfortunately for him, the Lunar Kingdom was not a peaceful place. For centuries, Lunarians had been locked in mortal combat with their enemies. Seeking to escape the violence, Hirohito traveled down to the seemingly peaceful realm of Alpha.

Usagi Hirohito sought refuge in the carrot patch of a native yev village. It is there where he fell in love with the delicacy known as carrots. It is also where he fell in love with his wife, a lady earth rabbit. Hirohito lived the simple life until one day he encountered a human traveler. The traveler spoke to Hirohito of her visions of grandeur, of great nation-building ideas. Seduced by his dreams of creating a nation dedicated to peace, Hirohito agreed to the traveler's proposal to create a new nation where Hirohito would be ruler. Unfortunately for Hirohito, the traveler was Tomoko.

Tomoko Shogunate

The first Emperor of Kanshoku, Usagi Hirohito, gradually saw his dream crumble. As shogun, Tomoko ruled Kanshoku in the Emperor's name. Distraught and unable to fulfill his dreams of peace and love, Hirohito withdrew into the recesses of his castle where he lived in solemn defeat with his wife and children. Life was the same as it had been before he met Tomoko, but somehow it felt worse.

Carluga Shogunate

After a bloodless coup, Carluga overthrew Tomoko. Thus began the period of the Carluga Shogunate. Carluga was more sympathetic to the plight of Emperor Usagi Hirohito, but did not feel compelled to relinquish any of the shoguntate's power to the Emperor, nor follow his peaceful ideology. After considerable coercion and court intrigue, Carluga persuaded Hirohito to abdicate his throne and pursue his love for carrots full-time. From the time of abdication and until the restoration of the Emperor to the throne, Carluga reigned as supreme overlord of Kanshoku.

Usagi Restoration

Usagi Hirohito next to his son, Masuta Hirohito.

Unable to contain her lust for power, Tomoko challenged Carluga. To gain the support of the rabbit population, Tomoko rallied the rabbits around the banner of the Emperor. With the rallying cause to restore Usagi Hirohito to his rightful place, on the throne of Kanshoku, the rabbits carried Tomoko to victory. Emperor Usagi Hirohito reigned once moreā€¦

In time, Shogun Tomoko became more occupied with matters on the far-side of the realm. Neighboring nations saw an opportunity and struck against Kanshoku when she was stern to defend herself. A dispute ensued in the area now known as the Kuril Islands and culminated in the loss of Kanshoku territory.

Kanshoku Presidency

Unable to fully commit to Kanshoku, Tomoko offered to sell the nation to the nearby settlement of New Calis. Though a highly unusual proposition, Usagi Hirohito saw this as a great opportunity for Kanshoku and for himself. Hirohito urged Tomoko to seal the deal as soon as it could be arranged. On October 12, 2015, Kanshoku was acquired by the Calisia Trading Company.

Under company rule, Kanshoku was reorganized as a presidency under the administration of the Governor of Kanshoku.

Aresean Investment

Tomoko returns to Kanshoku as the head of Aresean National Industries to develop its resources in partnership with the Calisian Trading Company. Details to follow.

Akihabara Castle


The Emperor is the head of the imperial household and is the ceremonial head of state of Kanshoku. Throughout history, the Emperor has only been a nominal ruler. Under company rule, Emperor Usagi Hirohito dedicates his time to spreading the message of peace and love to his subjects while staying clear of politics.

Shogun and Daimyo

From its founding and until company rule, the de facto ruler of Kanshoku had always been the shogun. Though appointed by the emperor, the title of shogun was earned by daimyo who could wrest it from the incumbent. Daimyo were semi-autonomous rulers of their domains.

Company Rule

As a company presidency, Kanshoku is now administered by the Governor of Kanshoku as sovereign territory of the Calisia Trading Company.

Kanshoku Boundaries. Red: Sovereign territory. Purple: Exclusive terraforming rights and shared clay mining rights.

Political Subdivisions

Sono Kanshoku - Aki-Usagi Castle and the Governor's Estate

Usagi Province - Formerly the Usagi Domain. Land administered by the Lieutenant-Governor of Usagi

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