Agreement for the allocation of the Kuril Islands and Southern swamps

This agreement goes into effect once both parties have signed it.

-Dobrobakanistan Federation (nation)
-Usagi Empire of Kanshoku (apolitical settlement)


i. Both parties agree to follow these provisions and not deviate from them. Specific disagreements not discussed in these provisions shall be mediated by a political officer if need be.

ii. The Northern Islands of Kanshoku, newly known as the Nova Kuril Islands or Kuril islands, shall be transferred into Dobrobakanistani possession. The Dobrobakanistan Federation agrees to create a land bridge to the mainland, preferably by filling in the swamp as designated in the picture below (swamp in purple).

iii. Kanshoku has exclusive rights to terraform all swamp lands within the red outline (in picture). Any clay (as in actual clay balls/blocks) within these swamps may be extracted by either settlement. The area within the red outline that isn't swamp land can be optionally terraformed by kanshoku.

iv. Rights to naming the seas around these islands must be shared between all parties that touch the body of water.

v. Future buildings on the kuril islands (or whatever name the Dobrobakanistanis give them) will be consistent in style and not deviate into shitbuilding. And no shipcraft shall enter the newly created sea after the designated swamps are removed or terraformed.


-Tomoko Kuroki, Representative of the Divine emperor, Usagi Hirohito, of the Empire of Kanshoku. 5:55pm CT 9/27/2015

-Nekronys, no-fancy-leader-title of Dobrobakanistan. anytime 28/9/2015

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