New Calis

Calisia Terra Australi
Common name New Calis
Location Map
Local Languages English
Government Calisia Trading Co.
Company settlement
Leader Tablecat

Officially founded as Calisia Terra Australi, a distant and forgotten settlement established by the Calisia Trading Company. Known to its beleaguered inhabitants simply as New Calis.


A long time ago, shortly after the founding of Calisia, the Calisia Trading Company was commissioned to establish trade markets to the far reaches of the world. It was decided the southern unexplored regions would provide the best opportunities. An expeditionary fleet was prepared. It was to set sail in search of a place to establish a permanent trade settlement. Once a location had been chosen, a second fleet with more people and resources would be sent. They set sail from their home port of Fort Serapis into the vast unknown.

After months of hardship, they arrived at the end of the world and went about finding a suitable area for permanent settlement. The captain of the expedition chose a snowy land due to its likeness to the homeland. They landed and claimed the territory in the name of the Republic of Calisia. This new land was proclaimed Calisia Terra Australi (southern land of Calisia). As per the arrangements, a second larger fleet was to be dispatched, however the expeditionary fleet had lost all contact with their benefactor back home.

Dark Ages

Uncertain of their future, the settlers made the best of their situation and began the anemic colonization of their new home. Though reminiscent of home, without the proper resources this new snowy land was incredibly harsh. Further compounding their problems, the captain of the expedition had chosen a location ill-suited for trade, as there were no other local settlements to trade with.

At times it seemed the settlement would wither away as the settlers turned to rotten flesh for sustenance. The settlement had become a cold, dark desolate place, now devoid of all vegetation and soon of all human activity. Until one day a potato was found on one of the zombies. With renewed spirits, the settlers re-purposed their trade silos, large structures built long ago to store valuable trade goods. Now these trade silos housed a more valuable resource, edible food.


Thanks to potato, the population was saved from disease and starvation. The settlement had now come to be known as New Calis to its inhabitants, named so after the ancestral County of Calis. Though New Calis is still a cold and dark place. There is no lighting anywhere in the settlement except inside buildings. The inhabitants believe light attracts monsters in the wilderness, so torches and any other kind of lighting are strictly prohibited.

Their lost benefactor, long believed to be dead, appeared on the shores of New Calis and accepted leadership of the settlement.

The fleet captain was the leader of the expedition, however upon settlement, New Calis was organized as a company town. The director of material acquisition was the chief representative of the Calisia Trading Company. Thus, he was the the person responsible for the enterprise's success. The mayoral duties were fulfilled by the superintendent of public industry, who's duty it was to task the settlers for the benefit of the company.

As the tragic events transpired, the directorship found itself with no materials to acquire and no home headquarters to report to. The role of director fell out of use and the superintendent emerged as the primary leader of New Calis.


Under the superintendency of Tablecat, New Calis invested heavily in potato research. Advances in potato husbandry have produced high-yield potato strains, of which the excess production was exported overseas. Unfortunately, the global market was already saturated with potato products and no sales were made. Despite the lack of success overseas, the potato continues to enjoy great popularity in the home market.

Using her contacts in Eyjan Hvíta, Tablecat was able to secure transfers of technology from the Æbinsborg Pharmaceutical Corporation. Cooperation between the Calisia Trading Company and the Æbinsborg Pharmaceutical Corporation culminated in the construction of a mass-production awkward potion factory. Shipments of awkward potions are currently sold and traded by the Calisia Trading Company under contract.

New Calis Boundaries. Red: Sovereign territory. Purple: Historical Calisia Terra Australi.

No. 1 Silo

Historic landmark. Site of the original potato farm that saved the settlement from disease and starvation. This silo is now home to the famed Potato Research Institute. It is here that horticultural scientists study potato husbandry to advance and protect the settlement's food supply. The original coal-fired Potato Stove is still being used to this day, baking the realm's most delicious slow-cooked baked potatoes!

The settlement is unaware of events that have occurred in their homeland of Calisia and continues its existence under the auspices of the Calisia Trading Company as chartered by the Republic of Calisia. As such, the colors of the Republic are still proudly displayed in this settlement.

Due to superstition that arose out of the dark ages of this settlement, torches and any other kind of lighting are strictly prohibited. The inhabitants believe that light attracts monsters in the wilderness. As a result, the inhabitants have built an elaborate underground rail system to avoid the overworld altogether.

After the settlers exhausted the wood supply in the local area, and long treks in search of trees had become unfeasible, the inhabitants turned to snow as their primary building material

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