Location -1234 64 -1348
Local Languages English
Government Oligopoly
Representative Ceceri_Mt
Establishment 22-03-21
Population 3

Greedmesa is the capital of Webop.


Greedmesa was founded on 22/03/21 and it was chosen to be the capital of Webop on 10/04/21. Until then, the settlement was known as Webop.

Major events

  • Greedmesa was founded on 22/03/21;
  • On 3/4/21, the construction of the residential area begun;
  • On 5/4/21, the first automatic farms were built in order to provide more food than the citizens could ever need
  • On 10/4/21, the population reached three players, the city was renamed to “greedmesa” and it became the capital of Webop;
  • On 25/4/21, the construction of a villagers shop began

Greedmesa is located on an archipelago

The economy is steadily growing, but it has yet to reach a noteworthy size.

Local life of Greedmesa consists in building the city into a metropolis.

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