Location -1234 64 -1348
Local Languages English
Government Democracy
Owner Paper
Establishment 2021-03-22
Population 0

Greedmesa is the only Western-themed settlement of Harmony. Previously the town was the capital of Webop, the once second largest and most populous nation, but nowadays the village is uninhabited and belonging to Paper.


The settlement of Greedmesa was founded on 2021/03/22 and on 19/10/22 its ownership was transferred to Paper.

Greedmesa is located in the southern part of the central mesa archipelago. Here to be more precise. Its closest neighbours are Flame Town, at a distance of around two hundred blocks, and the nation of Slavia, north-est of the Western towns.

Greedmesa was mostly self-sufficient, with its economic backbone being made up by automatic farms, trading with villagers and mining.

Greedmesa was in good terms with the other territories, even at its origins and during its time as a nation.

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