Strictest About Ordnung Mod, Tsaryu
Languages English; German; Japanese
rudimentary some others enough to make sense of Google Translate
Settlement Commons of Valensiya
Titles Chief of The Commons of Valensiya
 Birth of Tsaryu
  • This player built an overworld rail connecting the Northeastern Sea to Fishermen's Peninsula, from where the Spawn Area could be reached.
  • This player helped repairing the Iron Farm on various occasions, as well as some private farms.

This player is easily butthurt, particularly when his own attitudes and opinions aren't shared, and tends to hold subjective grudges which he expresses vocally toward (virtual) strangers and by giving the silent treatment to those he thinks he cares about. Nevertheless, the moderator is objectively fair.

Related Newspaper Article

(published on April 1st 2016)

Strike For Modship
(ar) Following the examples of the shopkeepers, Moderator P_P_A declared himself on strike as of March 7th “until [God] Alpha[Bernd] meets either of my demands, which is either to nominate at least one new mod, or to at least make it so that death chests are locked and can only be opened by the person who died.”
The latter condition was spurred by the various Bratka incidents in which residents were killed, their chests looted and their weapons or tools used to kill even more people, causing a near perpetual need for supervision by a moderator, none of whom actually remained active in Alpha's Realm.
God AlphaBernd implemented a compromise that locks cenotaphs in Alpha's Realm for thirty minutes and erases them after double that time. He also nominated Chief Tsaryu of the Commons of Valensiya as new moderator that same evening.
Chief Tsaryu later disclosed that he had been approached about that twice before, and declined, but saw the need to accept on that Monday evening since most others had moved to a parallel world. He debuted the next night during another Bratka visit, and generally demonstrates a strong sense for ordnung.

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