King of Wyadreim
Homeland Slavnograd
Residence Kingdom of Wyadreim
Languages Russian
Ethnicity Slavian
Religious Affiliation Orthodox Christian
National Affiliation Former: Slavia
Apolitical now
Holdings City of Wyadreim
County of Wyadreim
Titles Former Lord of the North
Velikiy Zodchy
King of Wyadreim
Joined September 2019

Joined the server in September 2019. Was a citizen of Imperium, worked in mines and later became an alchemist.

After the launch of Harmony, joined Slavia, He was a miner again and extracted tons of diorite for the construction of the walls of Slavnograd and other resources for the needs of the city. He was allowed to go to colonize nearest northern lands and found a new settlement of Kingdom of Slavia, was elevated to the rank of Duke.

Wyadreim is probably the most frequently changing settlement on the server. merrill was initially an inexperienced builder and often fucked up with city layout and demolished dozens of old ugly buildings. The main architectural merril's teacher is Rickroll, who gave him hundreds of tips and construction lessons, and thanks to Salah's huge help in the settlement, many old planning flaws were fixed. Сity looks better now, but there is still a lot of empty space after the demolition of old shit buildings

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