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Local Languages Battkhortuoguese
Demonyn Al-Iskandariyan
Government Despotate
Leader Sikandar
Establishment Spring 2013
Population 12
Abbreviation none

Founded by Sikandar some time in late spring 2012.

The city lies on both sides of the Straits of Analpain, built in an arid desert in the region of Battkhortia Minor. Mt. Butthurt lies to the east.

Al-Iskandariya is divided by two major thoroughfares: Gropecunt Lane and Karl-Marx Street.

Across the straits of Anal Pain lie the Mosque & Mountain District, considered to be under the jurisdiction of the city.

The two most notable structures are the Library of Al-Iskandariya and the Al-Berndiyye Mosque.

Main exports are sand and butthurt.

In order to facilitate their operations in the region, Grundescorp has constructed a regional office and train lines to Kovanje.

The city is nearly a ghost town. The city has witnessed a relative revival.

The city and surrounding lands of Battkhortia Minor are the personal fief of Sikandar, who is absolute ruler within the territory.

The unfinished mosque
Library of Al-Iskandariya
The Library of Al-Iskandariya
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