Nazi Mike

A Danish nazi, who was born'd to be a mene on the 16th of August. He is like Hitler. He is Anders Behring Breivik playing from jail, infa 1488%.

Nazi Mike started a project he called “The Hall of Nazism” in honor of the server. Unfortunately it was rolled back by BremenBernd 2 days after it was constructed because it was built through a farm by Makerus. He claimed that he had got permission to do it.

19.12.2015 Nazi Mike was ambushed by a large pack of niggers in spawn during expedition into these savage infested lands in search of cobble. using the tactics taught by the JEWS the savages were able to cowardly kill this noble example of aryan race. making matters worse the space jew banned mike for a day for defending his right to exist, truly this is one of the greatest injustice of our age.

What to do in case that Mike makes a Nazi comment says anything at all:

  1. Reply back why Nazism is bad
  2. Take a screenshot
  3. Remind him that everybody is concerned about his Nazism
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

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