The Flag Incident of June 13th

The Attack on Flag Day
Dates 06/13/2015
Location Spawn Island
Result -Lolibernd confirmed for a terrorism Mujahid
-2 bans
ongoing conflict
The Terrorists
supported by: Badfacian Arms Inc.
The Free & The Brave
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Lolibernd
Flag Berndhullah al-Austria
Flag The Prophet aka "the naked Imam"
Flag Our Hero Tomoko
Event Planner Juinnn
4 2
The Respect of the World >32 misprinted American Flags

The whole incident began when the believers of Allah trying to sell their goods manifest the capitalist system to acquire greater currency by overpricing commodities and selling them to un-privileged and impoverished masses at the New Spawn Bazar. But given their Freedom Intolerance they couldn't stand what they saw: the whole Spawn Island was overflowing with hundreds of American flags brought out only for a few days in celebration of Flag Day. Trying to force their will upon others, the bigoted mu'min began with the removing of those Godly banners of the One True God. Our Hero Tomoko arrived on the scene, and charged at the vandals of the prophet muhammed who were justly punished for their offense.

Angered by this justice the muḥ-ham! mad-ī! began a fierce onslaught against the the lonely American who had so long striven to create and refine the Spawn Island. Beaten, battered, and afraid for their life, Tomoko fled, heartbroken. The victorious offenders celebrated their victory with an huge bonfire at the spawn plaza, where the holy banners of Freedom and Burger where destroyed. Chants praising allah where shouted. But victory was not achieved, and to seek true enlightment, and that allah may clear their vision, the muḥammadī began to pray to allah. After a short while Abdullah al-austria had a vision of allahs prophet, muhammed itself. So he began to assamble an army of gods warriors and started marching to the bastion of the infidels itself. The army sneaked behind the defensive and crushed any resistence. No of gods warriors get injured or killed. TAKBIR!

June 14th, American Flag Day

Upon the closing of the final hour of June 13th across America, Juinnn had reached a conclusion on how to proceed with the planned celebrations. If the Adschmanis wanted American flags so badly, in a spirit of goodwill, Juinnn reached a compromise that would please everyone by bringing American Flag Day to Adschman Al-Ilol.

It was a festive day in Adschman Al-Ilol

Even the Adscham shoppe joined in!

Breshikan Response

Originally this action was condemned by the Government of breshik, but it was eventually condoned after it was found out that all the flags were actually heretical having 7 white and 6 red stripes and not 7 red and 6 white.

Battkhort Response

“The Republic of Battkhortostan strongly advises that both sides show restraint and a peaceful compromise can arise from this situation.”

Juinnndaten Response

“The intolerance of the Adschmani people and their actions in interrupting the American Flag Day celebration can not be condoned; but in the spirit of Freedom and Burger all is forgiven”

Caerulean Response

What happened? Why I am on the commanders list? I wasn't even online. t. June” lel dead nations dont speak

Badfacian Response

The Madatory of New-Badfacia spoke out their support for the people of Adschman al-Ilol, by supporting the nation with weapons, armor and experienced veteran field commanders.

The Prophet Response

Flag إنني أعلن برند-الله والليبرند الشهداء! “لاَّ يَسْتَوِى الْقَـعِدُونَ مِنَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ” إِنَّا للهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎…

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