Dates 11th May 2013
Location Al-Iskandariya
Result Protesters, Boers and other undesirables ousted from Al-iskandariya
Kovanje set ablaze
Flag Battkhorti Empire
Katten Khaganate
Flag Kovanje Vrystaat
Leaders and Commanders
Flag mazznoff
Flag General van Kleef
1 Many Yevs
0 many


During the Boer occupation of the Battkhortia, people from Al-Iskandariya fled the town, and started living in the nearby hills and deserts to avoid Yevulu protesters. One night, while they were sitting and talking around the fire, an old Turan man appeared suddenly from nowhere, and said to them: “Don't be afraid, your lives will soon turn to good and you'll return to your homes. Until that time, prepare for the battle, carve various weapons and scary masks for yourselves, and wait for a stormy night when a masked knight will come to you.” He disappeared as suddenly as he arrived. The refugees followed his orders, and some days later, on a stormy night, the knight arrived. He ordered them to put on their masks and go back to Al-Iskandariya, making as much noise as possible. They followed his lead. The occupiers were so frightened by the noise, the masks, and the storm in the night, that they thought demons were attacking them; and they ran back to Kovanje before sunrise.

The masked warriors were not satisfied with just the retreat, they followed their dissidents back to their base pitchforks and torches in hand and set fire to the town. The Battkhorti Islamic police captured General van Kleef and set him alight, causing him a torturous death for disrespecting the Battkhorti throne and organising the rebellion.

Proud Turan warrior donning sheepskin dress and mask Kovanje set ablaze Mongol setting up a bonfire
bonfires set up around the fields still burning well into the next night Kovanje station set on fire

Today the peoples of Central Europe have taken to the even and have turned it into an annual festival called Kurentovanje

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