Occupation of Battkhortostan

Occupation of Battkhortostan
Dates 8th May 2013 – 11th May
Location Al-Iskandariya, West Battx
Result Vrystaat forces driven out
Flag Battkhortoman Empire Flag Kovanje Vrystaat
Flag West West Battx
Leaders and Commanders
Flag none Flag Kovio
Flag General van Kleef
Flag rejects hierarchies
Battkhorti soldiers
Dynstaddian Yev Rifles
Boer Yevulu Rifles
0 many

Kovanje rose up in rebellion against Battkhortostan and its leaders declared the foundation of a union of all free Boers. Forces under Kovio subsequently tore down the wall between West Battkhortostan and West West Battkhortostan, an act which the non-country's anarchists celebrated as a step towards a world with open borders and free movement of peoples. They enthusiastically joined the Vrystaat's new movement, but suffered losses as they were gunned down by malnourished Battkhorti soldiers.

Kovio was not banned.

The leader of Kovanje Vrystaat, long a part of Battkhortostan, desired freedom and rebelled against the Battkhortis. When it was discovered that they had no troops stationed in the freestate, the militia of Kovanje, followed by the Dynstaddian Yev Rifle and Boer Yevulu Rifle units, invaded Battkhortostan proper.

Kovio recognised in the people of West West Battkhortostan another victim of Battkhorti oppression, and began to tear down the wall isolating the island from the mainland. An enthusiastic Anarchist (4) joined in and helped with a decomposable, renewable pickaxe. West West Battx pledged to join the new union of free Boers, whose flag was raised on the island. In the meantime, Battkhortostan had mobilised its force of malnourished soldiers. They gunned down Anarchists setting foot on the mainland, and proceeded to occupy West West Battx, where they massacred much of the civilian population.

The absence of Battkhorti forces was exploited by Kovanje's Dynstaddian Yev Rifles and Boer Yevulu Rifles to occupy key positions in Al-Iskandariya. Nieuw Walschor, which had initially sympathised with the Boers, expressed outrage at the surrounding of her embassy, and withdrew her support for the rebels.

Occupation of Battx

A few days later, the Al-Iskandariyans struck back and succeeded in driving out the Yevulu occupants. They pursued the escaping foes to Kovanje, which they set ablaze.

Breshikan Support

The Breshikans have voiced their support of batthorki interventions against the boer. Breshik also voiced its support for Batthorki annexation of kodvaje and the end to the boer homeland. The Breshikan Government sympathized with the batthokis because of their own fight against protesters and boer colonists.

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