The treaty of Tomoko to the Kingdom of Breshik

The parties of this treaty hereby declare the trade of lands in order to form more stable borders.

  • Tomoko promises to vacate the lands of Contraria del Rey, and give up any squatters rights to the afformentioned region.
  • breshik promises to Vacate the lands to the very north of the “Southern Breshikan military frontier as described by the following map.

Each party will occupy the area Abandoned by the other party. and In good faith establish a demilitarized Zone on the border.

The Area known as South Tomokoland will be known by its borders with THe Demilitarized zone as mentioned, the Grunden River, with breshik, The grunden River with the wynterlyn demilitarized Zone and altschwabenland.

breshikan part of the Grunden river in red


Tomoko, representative of Royaume de Kriegstein et d'Arès - 2015/06/28 01:32

shakomatic, Apostolic King of Breshik 2015/06/28 01:41

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