Treaty of Port Conwy

Treaty of Port Conwy
Flag of Lanno-Condeura
Formal Peace 1st January '16
Treaty signed 2nd January '16
Legal Entities Involved: Kingdom of Lanno-CondeuraLanno-Conderua
Badface Confederation of Badface

The signatories of this pact agree to maintain peaceful relations between their respective nations. After the conclusion of the “Badfacian-Condeurian War”, otherwhise also known as the “War of Badfacian Aggression” the Condeurian party will agreed to the following:

  • King Darynu of the Kingdom of Lanno-Condeura will admit his defeat by the Badfacian Armed forces.
  • The King's Sword “fire” and the High Duke's sword “dog licker” will be handed over to the victorious party, alongside the Chestplate of the King.

Both Parties agree to following:

  • That all spoils of War will be handed over to their respective owner
  • That throughout the battle and aftermath, the condeurians spirits were unbroken as well as their pride, love for their nation, and their fierce tenacity.

Signatories below the line:

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darynu 2016/01/02 22:02

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