This settlement contains insanely high levels of ordnung.
Untermensch ukrainian architecture is prohibited!

Nova Etruria

County of Nova Etruria
Location Map link
Local Languages English
Government Draconic Monarchy
Leader Ralxtew
Establishment 9-12-2013
Population ~3

Nova Etruria is the land of the Draconian Lord, a place that trascends the political affairs of the server to achieve the most unique feels.
It features one of the server's first major and biggest structures, the Etrurian Palace.


With the discovery of Alpha's Realm, the Fluffy Lord of Etruria discards his peninsula in Oceania to set sail on the Uncharted Lands to find a cozy plain upon which found Nova Etruria and build a big enough palace to put his wealth into.

County borderline

The county's government building, the Etrurian Palace, lays on an extremely cozy valley loitered with water and lava ponds, sunflowers and other colourful pointless flowers and things such as mushrooms. One third of the land is covered in a thick Dark Oak forest.

The palace features a french garden, a museum, a public bank, several guest rooms for the dragon's allies and visitors, dragon dicks, national vaults, a mausoleum/chapel that houses the Martyr's remains and a public transport system.
Facing the palace is the Etruria village, where inns, stables, pubs, public farms and a market can be found.

Wathever's under the ground. The entire underground area of the county is littered with six ravines crossing eachother, making it devoid of any valuable resources and therefore completely worthless.
Bottled air is a speciality and can be acquired as souvenir pls buy

Most of the time is spent looking at paint dry and mowing the Lord's lawn. Currently hiring puny human labourers to make cleanings.

All of the land's political and economical affairs are handled by the Dragon. Powerful, resolute, iron-fisted yet kind, fair and forgiving, He enjoys leaving creative and marvelous traces of his presence wherever he goes. He often recludes himself in his cave to admire all of his jewgold and tends to choose, out of boredom, human elites to manage the most boring and unpleasant tasks, such as sorcery and resource harvesting.

  • Ralxtew (Ruler, architect and engineer)
  • Draca
  • Termocaos (Court Wizard)
  • TotallyCautious (Professional Miner)
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